4-Things Women Find In Man

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Hello again, we are here to discuss the dressing sense or dress sense, you can imagine how excited this topic is, Don’t lose hope I will makes this topic interested for you.

Today you will get to know the surprising dressing sense or dress sense.

Are you excited, I am Hell excited be ready to face life changes.

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  • Everyone knows that my website is about Fitness.
  • But having fitness is not everything if you already have built your body.
  • It’s not enough you must know how to present it.
  • First of all, I want to tell you that this topic is not about how to Impress girls.
  • The topic is about how can you improve your lifestyle.
  • In this topic, I will tell you about those 4 important tips from which you can look more attractive.

Those 4 things Girls love in boys and try to find, I think you come to right website

1-Dressing sense or dress sense(FIRST IMPRESSION)

Dressing sense
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  • Dressing sense or dress sense is the most important part of your life.
  • Having a good dressing sense or dress sense increases the chance of attraction.
  • If we talk about dressing sense or dress sense we have two options.
    • Dress Like a Boy- JEANS – T-SHIRT
    • Dress Like a Man- THREE PIECE SUIT
  • You can make it more attractive to a WATCH.
  • PROPER CLOTHING Try to improve dressing sense or dress sense.
  • Clothes Combination- Very important part dressing sense or dress sense.
    • Good Jeanswear stylish jeans
    • T-Shirt- Always Wear Fitted T-Shirt
    • Athletic Wear- Sports
    • Suit And Tie- Best Combination

Look my brother your dressing sense is a most important part of your life, Just think you have to upgrade yourself.


Red And Blue
Orange And Blue
Orange Black
Pink And Grey
Purple And White
White And Black
White And Blue
Purple And Coral
Matching Combination’s


  • Also the most important part of Grooming to look more attractive.
  • You must have a proper hair cut, and the hair around your cheeks.
  • Your beard also plays an important part in your body.
  • Most important is the removal of your body hair.

Grow Beard- The most important part women find

Beard sense

If you are a teenager you must take of your hair, not your head hair also your beard, It is like ambrosia for you. Grow a beard to look to more good


  • Removal of unwanted hair is also important.
  • Consider you are going to a beach party for fun.
  • You will be naked and Your unwanted hair too, that thing is not good.
  • Always remove your unwanted hair from the body.
  • Before the removal of hair take a shower of warm water.
    • Then apply a small amount of shaving foam on your body and rub it approx 30 seconds.
    • So that your Hair Follicles become soft.
  • From this removal of hair become easy.
    • If you are removing chest hair go from higher to lower.
    • If you are removing ABS hair go lower to higher.
  • After removing unwanted hair go back to take a shower again.
  • Use a moisturizer so that Red cannot occur on your chest.

Are you getting interest on not ,as I said you will have interest


OLFACTORY CELLS- These cells are linked with our brain and the function of them is Smelling.

  • It means girls can smell more than boys.
  • The most important thing when you meet a female you should smell good.
  • Don’t apply too much perfume on your body, Boys apply too much on their body(DON”T DO THAT).
  • Use strong perfume if you are going to a party.
  • Use medium perfume if you are going on (DAY- PARTY).

This is my favorite, I think it will make your interest in this topic


How to apply perfumes
Source-Code- Google
  • Most of the people do mistake in it, they apply too much perfume on their whole body( Don’t do thaT).
  • There are only Five Places where you have to apply it.
    • First two places – Apply in the back part of your ear.
    • Second place- Apply on the back of your neck
    • The second two places- On Chest maintain a small distance.
  • These areas where we apply it, These are your intimate areas.

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  • Whenever you meet a female, be comfortable.
  • There are many things women find in men but dressing sense or dress sense and these are the important ones.
  • POSITIVITY- Attractiveness makes positive behavior.
  • Practice more so that you could have an Attractive Smile.
  • Whenever you meet a female don’t talk about yourself, most of the people do that mistake.
  • If you want to give the best impression then the first thing to do is to be a Good Listener.
  • Not in case of a Female, if your going to a meeting be a Good Listener.

So I get success in making your interest, As I said you will have interest

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Ques-Do you think face also play an important in dressing sense?

Ans-No I don’t think your face doesn’t play a role in dressing sense or dress sense, Your proper dressing sense can amaze anyone, Therefore focus on upgrading yourself.

Ques- which one is important dressing sense or beard?

Ans- Both are Important because they play different roles, But according to me your dressing sense or dress sense is the most important one, It is because First impression is the last impression.

Ques-What do you mean by good looking appearnce?

Ans-Wearing expensive clothes and showing fashion is not good looking appearance, it’s how you express yourself in front of everyone by speaking abilities, through your attitude and many more.

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