10 Amazing Health Benefits of Sun Exposure & Side Effects of Sunbath

Sunbathing is recommended by our ancestors for treating rickets. Sunbathing also acts as the best natural healer. Here we have the additional sunbath benefits and the best time to sit in sun for vitamin d

Benefits of sunbathing for males

What is Sunbath– The act of sitting of lying in front of the sun to take essential vitamins for your body is known as Sunbath.

Now you know the definition of sunbath, Let’s discuss the sunbathing health benefits on our body.

Spending more time in front of sun without SPF is of major cause Melanoma.

On the other hand high dose of Vitamin-D when comes in front of sun convert Skin into cholesterol and help in prevent from disease.

  • There are many health advantages of sunbathing, few are here-

Morning Sunbath Benefits

Reduce Blood Pressure
Reduce Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease Risk
Help in child Growth
Heal skin Disorder
Boost Your Mood
Fight Depression
Help in Weight Loss
Boost Brain Function
Improve Bones Health
Improve Bones Health
Health benefits of sunshine

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,Do you know people also take sun bath therapy for treatment of their body.

These are Some best benefits of morning sunlight for skin &for our health
Reduce Depression-Brain depression is common nowadays in people, If you are looking for the best depression killer, Then sunbathing is best for you because it triggers the brain which releases Serotonin hormone, Which helps in reducing depression.
Strong Bones-Another common and major problem in our young generation, People also drink milk for curing this problem, It is because sunbath provides Vitamin-D which leads to stronger and Prevent bones from Osteoporosis and Arthritis.
Boost Immune System-Sunbathing helps in Boosting your Immune system, Vitamin-D helps in fighting diseases, including heart disease, Flu, Muscle Sclerosis, and many more disease,
Promotes Weight LossVitamin-D plays an important role in boosting our fat loss mechanism, As people who are looking for a weight loss booster can take sunbath, the Best and easy weight loss booster,
Best time to sunbathe for vitamin d

Facts About Sunbathing

Just as the sun has the ability to heal our skin or ability to damage our skin, there is a time that you need to stand in front of the skin instead of standing every time. So sunbath can familiar and harmful, It depends upon it.

  • I think you know that sunbath is good for your skin and body.

But Do you know standing between 11:00-3:00 am is not good for our skin because it can harm your skin or it can burn it?

  • You can stand for 10 min in front of sun.

But as we know in our India we think, if we will have more we will grow faster, In case of sun Standing more than 10 min can cause faster aging.

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Is Sunbath Bad For You?

Sunbath is good for your health but it can lead you to many problems, Like-Sunrash if you take it more than a suggested time Sometimes we called heat rash and itchiness.

More exposure to sun bath can lead to you sunburn.which cause you pain and can affects all the body parts .

One more disease can be caused by more sunbath, which is known as PMLE(Polymorphic Light Eruption). It presents as red itchy bumps on the chest and legs.

How to take a sunbath

As we discussed sunbath, use effects and side of sunbath now we will discuss how to take a sunbath.

  • The first thing you should keep in mind is that you should not take a sunbath in very strong sunlight.
  • When you start sweating you should stop and move away from the point.
    • For taking a Sunbath you must cover your head with a wet towel.
    • You must wear light cotton underwear for proper effects.
    • Always apply cream so that skin can absorb it.
    • Sit or lie down on a surface.
    • When you start to sweat to move away from the place.

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How Long We can Take Sunbath?

This is the most common and powerful question asked by people, Let’s have Look benefits of the sunbath.

SummerIn summer the duration should be 10-15 minutes.
WinterIn winter the duration should be 20-30 minutes.
positive effects of the sun
  • Always remember to avoid sunbathing in a windy place to prevent disease.
  • The best time to take sunbathe is before 8 pm and after 5 pm.
best time to take sunlight in India
Health benefits of Sunbathing

Precaution You Must Take During Sunbath

  1. These are major and important precautions you must take during sunbath.
  2. During Sunbathing Drink plenty of water.
  3. Always cover your head with a wet towel.
  1. You must take a water bath, After taking a sunbath.
  2. Most important never eat anything just after taking Sunbath.
  3. Always take 2 hours gap between eating and sunbathing.
  4. People suffering from heart ailment must not take a sunbath.
1. How long do I need to stand in the sun to get vitamin D

You need to stand for 15 minutes so that your body can absorb sunlight that results in the production of vitamin d in your body. Make sure do not show yourself more in the sun cause it damages the skin.

2. Why are sun baths important

Sunbaths are important because sunbath works as natural healer and our ancestors use it for treating disease like rickets. People also take therapy of sunbath.

3.Why are sun baths important?

1.Improves Mood
2.Stress Reliever
3.Mind enhancer
4.Develop Stress Free Mind
5.Heat Exhaustion
6.Gives you Satisfaction

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