2021Best Biceps Exercises for Greater Growth

The best bicep workout for mass performs these exercises for gaining muscle fat faster. Visit our website for fitness tips, burn your fat easily, learn about fitness top myths, facts, and topmost trustworthy bicep workouts with dumbbells. Grow your arm faster with these tryouts, we are here to make India Fit country, without any supplementation.

Biceps are the front part of the upper arm. Our biceps consist of a “short head” and a “long head” that work as a single unique muscle. They are united to our bones by a tough connective tissue is called Tendon. These are top Biceps workout which provides size and strength. Therefore we will discuss the best mass biceps workout.

Importance of the Post
People want to build bigger biceps as soon as possible, Without knowing the basics of biceps they go to the gym and start the workout, This post particularly provides you the basic knowledge about biceps, what is biceps, what biceps made up of, and many more.

Ques-Do these exercise are best biceps workout for mass?

Ans-Yes, you can use these exercises some of them because each and every set helps you in building a different part of our bicep.

Ques-What is main key which leads to bodybuilding?

Ans-Progressive overload is the key that leads to bodybuilding and helps building muscles.

Ques-What is hypertrophy ?

Ans-Hypertrophy is the term which is defined as the growth of muscle and cell of our body.

Ques-What are the basic fundamentals of bodybuilding.

Drop your answers

Now, let’s start discussing the best workout for biceps mass and strength.

Why Biceps Hurt?

The repetitive motion of biceps, which cause strain or tear in the tendon cause a great deal of pain.


  • REST- Take the break from the event that causing pain.
  • ICE- Apply ice to the affected area to reduce pain.
  • Elevation- Instead of lying flat lie in a proper way to reduce pain.

Is Pain Good Sign ?

  • Pain is a good sign for our biceps because it leads to faster muscle growth and helps in increasing size.

What Made A Hole Biceps

How To Start Best biceps mass workout

  • This is the best workout for mass biceps which I selected out for you helps.
  • Initiate your workout by doing a little pumping, because it protects it from soreness.
  • There are lots of exercises which make your biceps huge.
  • Here we have the bicep workouts for men& for mass and strength.

Best Bodyweight Bicep Exercises For Mass Hammer Curls

bicep workouts for men
Best Biceps Exercises for Greater Growth 2020 |
  • This exercise is the most suitable 30-minute arm workout with dumbbells
  • Hammer curls are an effective exercise to target the (Brachialis).
  • This helps in developing biceps thickness, forearms, and overall grip strength.
  • This is also considered the best workout for muscle biceps.
  • It strengthens the three largest muscles along the front of your upper arms.
  • To get all the benefits of exercise make sure not to lean back and swing weight.

You can typically do 6-8 reps for biceps and 10-15 reps for forearms

Perform Alternating Hammer curls by curling your one arm at a single time by holding another hand. You can include it in the category of best dumbbell workout for biceps.

Common Hammer Curls Mistakes

Performing the exercise too fast and not gripping the dumbbells firmly enough.

Performing the exercise too fast causes you loss of (TUT) which is very useful for showing how effective your workout will be.

Moving your Torso side by side as you performs reps.

View- Hammer Curls
Hammer curls are an effective exercise for building your biceps faster and easier, Train your biceps 2 times a week for better results.

Best  Best Arm Workouts For Mass(Seated Hammer Curls)

  • This is the best bicep and most trustworthy arm exercise for mass by a dumbbell.
  • Seated Hammer curls are simply curls performed from a seated position.
  • It is very easy to form of Hammer curls, sit on a chair and hold two dumbbells keep your palms facing inwards and flex your elbows to bring the dumbbells to shoulder height.
  • Lower them back down and repeat.
  • Here we have top bicep and arm exercises for mass.

Bicep Training for mass(Alternate Dumbbells)

  • Alternate dumbbells are most suitable for bicep as well as best workout exercise for mass
  • Alternate dumbbells are used making bicep peak.
  • Hold two dumbbells in your hands. Raise one dumbbell towards your shoulder
  • Performing the exercise for 5 minutes with moderate intensity burn 18-20 calories and doing it more intensely burn 30-40 calories.

Best Bicep Exercises For Mass(Biceps Curls)

Bicep curls is the best mass workout for biceps .

People consider this exercise as best biceps workout.

The bicep curl is the movement of biceps brachii. On the other hand brachialis and brachioradialis serve as secondary muscles.

Curling your biceps helps you to strengthen your arms.

good arm workouts without weights
Natural workout for biceps


  • Hold two pairs of dumbbells at arm’s length in front of your thighs. Contract your biceps and curl the dumbbells while keeping your arms stationary.
  • If you are a beginner then pickup lighter weight so that you can do 12 repetitions easily.


  • There are many types of workouts performed by us.
  • These exercises also help in building strength and muscles.


  • You can build the peak of your bicep
  • This involves a cable bar attached to a low pulley, while your elbow remains steady only upper.
The best exercise for building biceps peak, You can build your biceps gun with incline curls also, Easy and Effective.

Best Mass Workout For Biceps(Incline BICEPS Curls)

  • I consider this is the best dumbbell workout for biceps.
  • Another best biceps workout for shape, you can give shape by this workout.
  • They are similar to seated biceps curls, only you have to do is lie back on the incline bench.

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 Bicep Exercise For Mass (Seated Biceps Curls)

  • It includes curling your biceps in a seated position with holding two dumbbells in a proper way.
  • Curling is best to give shape to your biceps and helps in enhancing your biceps.
  • Therefore we are seeking to create the best tricep and alternate bicep exercises.


  • You can perform this best biceps workout for size.
  • Performed by grabbing the dumbbells with a Supinated grip
  • This exercise also good for building forearms.

If you are doing biceps workout, you must know everything about your biceps, it is because a professional or a good bodybuilder knows everything about his exercise and you will have the most immeasurable biceps workouts for muscle.

Best Workout For Mass(Cable Biceps Curls)

  • I love this because it is best to biceps exercise for mass.
  • This will be done by holding a cable bar attached to a low pulley. while holding your upper arms.
These all exercises you read help you to get big biceps now go to the gym start your workout with a strategy to get more muscles, Focus on curls, and hammer for bigger biceps.

People Also Ask

Ques- Is one exercise enough for biceps?

Ans- No one exercise is not enough for you bicep, because your biceps have two parts short head and long head. Each exercises different parts of your biceps, like the peak part. That’s Why one exercise is not enough for biceps.

Ques-How many days rest after biceps workout?

Ans-After bicep workout2-3 day rest is enough for the biceps because when you continuously push your muscle to start growing, People usually do this mistake they perform biceps after 1 week in that duration the pump of the muscle becomes break and no growth of muscle takes place. That why 2-3 rest is enough for biceps?

Ques-Which is the best exercise to increase biceps?

Ans- There are many exercises which help in increasing biceps, Depends on which part you are training like short head or long or you are building biceps bigger. For hammer, exercise helps in increasing biceps size and cable curls help in increasing arm size. That why it depends on which part you are training.

Most Important Question

Ques-Why my biceps is not growing up?

Ans- There is a myth in our country that is high reps with low weight and low reps with heavyweight, That’s why your biceps are not growing because your biceps don’t any stimulate your muscles doesn’t break when the muscles don’t break your biceps don’t grow.

Ques-Name the best exercise for activating biceps faster?

Ans- Biceps curls are the best exercise for activating muscles of your biceps for hard training, Try to do 15-20 reps with 2.5 kg on both sides this will help you in activating biceps muscles faster and gives you a huge pump.

Ques- What is the best trick for growing your biceps faster?

Ans- There are not short tricks you have to continuously push your biceps muscle you have to break muscle with your intense try to do an intense workout that will help you build muscles faster. Biceps is the most important part therefore try to train that part with other exercises also.

Summary of The Mass Workout for Bicep

Everyone wants to grow their biceps, without having knowledge they start training and continuously train their biceps, Therofe due to lack of information their biceps don’t grow, That’s why we made this post-workout, Use these tricks for growing your biceps faster and easier. These exercises help you in growing biceps and help you in building muscle stamina. Follow these tips and increase the size of the biceps. This is the best dumbbell arm workout bodybuilding is available for us.


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