It’s time to know about your bones, the Function of ossein, the Shape of osseins, how osseins are categorized each of your hard structures is a complex living organ, and many facts about your bones like the relation of rigid structure and height, Relation of Strength & bones.

Bone is a rigid organ present in humans and in animals which helps in the protection of muscles and tissue. Also, help in the production of red blood cells and white blood cells.

Bones Are Made Up OF

Your bones are the rarest material found in our boy you must take off them so that you can walk run or you can perform Curricular activities.

  • Osseins are made up of collagen and osseins living tissue, Growing tissue.
  • COllage si a protein that helps in providing the framework.
  • Calcium is a mineral that increases the strength of your osseins and makes them healthy and hard.
  • Both collagen and calcium make your osseins strong and flexible.
  • Mainly your osseins contain 10-20% water of mass and 60-70% minerals.
  • So that your osseins can be formed completely.

Bones of The Human Body

Total numbers of osseins present in human body, Including the bones of –

  • Skull-The Jaw Bone.
  • Spine-Thoracic lumbar vertebrae, Sacrum, and tailbone(Coccyx), Cervical.
  • Arms-Collar bones(Clavicle) humerus, radius, and ulna, shoulder blade(Scapula).
  • Hands-Metacarpals and phalanges, Wrist bones(Carpals).
  • Feet-Metatarsals and phalanges, Tarsals.
  • Legs-Shine (Tibia) and Fibula, Kneecap(Patella), Thighbone.
  • Chest– Breastbones and ribs(Sternum).
  • Pelvis– Hip bones

Bones Types

Bones Type-healthyxpo

It is very important that you must know about your bones types of osseins and the function of Rigid Structure. Let us discuss types.

  • There are only four types of osseins present in our body(Human Skeletal).
    • Long Bones-These osseins are thin in shape. For example the osseins of arms and legs(Kneecaps and the wrists). Long osseins work as movement levers with the help of some muscles.
    • Flat Bones-These osseins are flattened in shape. In this category should blades, breast osseins, and osseins of the skull.
    • Short Bones-Short osseins are cubed shaped. For example, short bones form up the wrist and ankles.
    • Irregular Bones-It has a shape that doesn’t follow the three types. For example the osseins of Vertebrae(Spine).

Bones Tissue

A different layer of ossein tissues is very important for our bones.

Spongy(Cancellous Tissue)-This tissue allowed osseins to be strong and lightweight, This honeycombed, porous material found inside the osseins.
Periosteum-This is a tougher shell that contains the blood vessels and nerves and this tissue is dense tissue.
DenseTissue(Compact)-The smooth and the hard layer that protects the tissue from injury.
Bone Marrow- It is a jelly-like substance that is found inside the osseins (Including the pelvis) that help in the production of blood cells.

What is Bone Marrow

Bone marrow is a jelly-like substance present in the cavities of our osseins and it is a place the formation of blood cells takes place.

Red Blood Cells-Help in providing(Carry) oxygen to your body.

White Blood Cells-Help in building strong immune system

Platelets-Major part of human body help in clotting of blood.

Bones Cells

Bone cells- healthyxpo

From birth to teen your body continuously grows its skeletal by building down tissue.

  • As a result, every one of your body grows itself and scratch about every decade.
  • Now let’s discuss the osseins cells include in this process.
    • Osteoblasts-These are those cell which helps in building osseins tissue.
    • Osteocytes– Those cells that maintain the tissues of osseins by controlling the amount of calcium and minerals,
    • Osteoclasts-You can say that these are those cells that break (Destroyer) the old ossein tissues.

What is Rigid Structure Density?

There are lots of the factor on which the density of your lies, Many factors works together for maintaining the health of osseins and make them strong.

  • A continuous supply of calcium to your body makes osseins strong.
  • The proper amount of vitamin D and food.
  • A best and healthy diet full of calcium and minerals(Nutrients).
  • The proper amount of hormones like testosterone hormone, Oestrogen, Calcitonin, and HGH.
  • Strength exercises also help in making your osseins strong.

Worst Conditions oF Bones

Some problems in your osseins like fractures and many more problems n our body as it because in human life without there is no joy of living.

Always consider problems as your best problems as t because new problems teach you something your new experience comes into your life.

Fractures-There are various types of broken osseins.

Osteoporosis-Loss of osseins density &strength

Osteomyelitis-Dangerous infection in our osseins

Osteitis-Known as Ossein inflammation, Ex-Paget disease

Rickets-Immature growth of osseins in child age lack(Vitamin D)

Acromegaly-Overgrowth of bones on our face and feet

Multiple MyelomaCancer in plasma Cells(Bone marrow)

Fibrous Dysplasia-Abnormal growth of osseins

Bones of human body

There are 206 bones present in normal human body in a healthy person.

  • In human 206 osseins are present.
  • When a child is born approximately 300 osseins present in it.
  • When a child grows the becomes combines to form a single healthy ossein.
Inferior Nasal ConchaRib3
IncusRib 10(Flase)
StapesRib 11(Floating)
Paired BonesPaired Bones
Thoracic 1HyoidT6
T3Cervical (1)T8
Lumbar 1L2L3
CoccyxTotal no of bone
Upper Extremity (32×2=64)
Metacarpal 1
Proximal Phalange 1
Distal Phalange 1
Metacarpal 2
Proximal Phalange 2
Middle Phalange 2
Distal Phalange 2
Metacarpal 3
Proximal Phalange 3
Middle Phalange 3
Distal Phalange 3
Metacarpal 4
Proximal Phalange 4
Middle Phalange 4
Distal Phalange 4
Metacarpal 5
Proximal Phalange 5
Middle Phalange 5
Distal Phalange 5

Lower Extremity (31×2=62)
Medial Cuneiform
Middle Form
Lateral Form
Proximal Phalanx 1
Distal Phalange1
Metatarsal 2
Proximal Phalange 2
Middle Phalange 2
Distal Phalange
Metatarsal 3
Proximal Phalanx 3
Middle Phalange 3
Distal Phalange -3
Metatarsal 4
Proximal Phalanx 4
Middle Phalange 4
Distal Phalange 4
Metatarsal 5
Proximal Phalanx 5
Diddle Phalange 5
Distal Phalange 5

Bones of Hand

Our hands are the major part of our body we need hands for doing every work, like lifting, like doing exercises and for any work.

You thankyouslef that you have hands and you can do work.

Now the question do you know everything about your hands, How many osseins present in your hands, and do you know the name of every ossein.

Your are divide into three major categories, These osseins provide support and flexibility.

  • Carpals-Carpals are the shape of irregular osseins, these osseins are located near the wrist.
  • Metacarpals-These are your finger, each one is related to each other.
  • Phalanges-Each fingers have three phalanges, rather than the thumb which has only two phalanges.

Bones In Carpal

As we discuss there are 8 osseins in the group lets discuss the name of the osseins.

Proximal RowDistal Row
Scaphoid Trapezium
Pisiform(know as the tendon flexor)Hamate(Known as the hook)


The proximal phalanges are arranged in an ordered list and associated with a digit.

  • Thumb
  • Metacarpal II- Index Finger
  • Little Finger-Metacarpal
  • Middle Finger-Metacarpal
  • Metacarpal-Ring Finger

Fractures In Metacarpal

There are two types of fractures and these two fractures are common.

  • Boxer Fracture
  • Bennett’s Fracture
Boxer Fracture-This fracture usually caused by hitting someone badly or making a fist on a hard wall. Our distal finger becomes displace anteriorly.
Bennett’s Fracture-This fracture occurs in the carpometacarpal joint which leads to instability and subluxation.


There are 26 osseins in our foot and eight distinct types Including, Tarsals, Metatarsals, Cuneiforms, talus, navicular, and Cuboid osseins.

Their are seven(7) tarsals bones present in foot.

  • Calcaneus
  • Talus
  • Cuboid
  • Cuneiforms
  • Navicular


These are the primary osseins of the face, Mandible, Maxilla, nasal osseins, and zygoma.

The facial anatomy is complex and yet elegant.You have to read it carefully.

Total no osseins present in our face.

The facial skeleton supports the soft tissues of the face. Facials muscles determine our appearance.

  • Our face contains 14 individual osseins, the frontal ossein is a calvaria and sometimes include the facial skeleton.
  • Inferior nasal Concha(2)
  • Lacrimal Bones(2)
  • Mandible
  • Maxilla(2)
  • Nasal bones(2)
  • Palatine bones(2)
  • Vomer
  • Zygomatic
Zygomatic-Known as face osseins(Cheekbones) and articulates with the frontal, Sphenoid, and maxilla osseins.
Lacrimal-Smallest ossein of the face.
Nasal-Located at the bridge of our nose and know as slender osseins.
Inferior nasal conchae-Located in the nasal cavity and these osseins increase the surface of the nasal cavity.
Palatine-You can find it rear the oral cavity and forms the hard palate.
Maxilla-Comprises the part of the upper jaw and hard palate.
Vomer-Forms the aspect of the nasal septum.
Mandible(jaw Ossein)-Articulates with base cranium at the temporomandibular joint.

Bones of skull

The skull is a bony structure that supports and protects your brain from any damage by making a cavity, It is composed of many osseins and formed by intramembranous ossification that is joined by Sutures(Fibres Joints).

The osseins of the skull are divided into two major groups cranium that is subdivided into the skullcap known as Calvarium and the cranial of the face.


Cranium also knew as neurocranium, It encloses the brain and ensures the protection of the brain by making a Protective covering.

The cranium also divided into two parts also known as Calvarium and base.

  • Calvarium-It is made up of two parietal osseins, the occipital ossein, and frontal ossein.
  • Cranial Base- It is made up of six osseins- the frontal, ethmoid, occipital, parietal, sphenoid, and temporal osseins. These osseins are a very important part of the facial and the mandible Jaw.


Now you know all the things about your skull osseins and facial osseins let’s have a look osseins structure.

  • There are 9 major thinning our osseins you can see-
    • Red marrow
    • Spongy Ossein
    • Nerve
    • Blood vessels
    • Compact Ossein
    • Endosteum
    • Yellow Marrow
    • Periosteum
    • Trabeculae
Red Marrow-Red marrow mainly found in flat osseins like hip osseins, Breast ossein.
It is composed of hematopoietic cells supporting stroma reticulum(Phagocytes and progenitor cells) and scattered fat cells.
Spongy Bone-It also knows as cancellous ossein or trabecular ossein is a very porous type of ossein mainly found in animals.
It is highly vascularized and contains a high amount of red ossein marrow.
Spongy osseins located at the end of long osseins with harder compact ossein.
Nerve– Nerves are enclosed and form a cable-like bundle of nerve fibers called axons.
A nerve transmits electrical impulses and is the basic functional unit of the Peripheral system.
Compact Bone-Also is known as cortical ossein and is a highly denser material used to create a hard structure.
The remainder of the osseins is formed by cancellous or spongy ossein.
Endosteum-It is a thin vascular layer(membrane) of connective tissue that helps to inline of the inner surface of bony tissue.
The endosteal surface resorbed during long time malnutrition.
Yellow Marrow-Yellow ossein marrow located in cavities of long osseins and generally surrounded by a layer of red marrow.
Periosteum– It is a membrane that covers the outer surface of our osseins except for the other surface of the long ossein.
Trabeculae-It is a small microscopic tissue that supports the framework of the parts of our body(Human Body).

Blood Vessels

Also known as erythrocytes and RBC cells. Blood contains many types of cells (monocytes lymphocytes neutrophils eosinophils basophils and macrophages).
Blood circulates in our body through veins and arteries

Bones In Ear

The ear is splintered into three major parts External ear, Middle ear, Inner ear.

  • The middle lies within the temporal ossein and extends from the tympanic membrane(Layer) to the inner ear.
  • The main function of the middle ear is to transmit vibration to the inner ear via the tympanic membrane.
  • In this article, we will have a short look on the middle ear.

Parts of Middle Ear

Our middle ear is divided into two major parts. Are you getting your interest in this topic?

Tympanic Cavity-This is located(Present) near the tympanic membrane.
This cavity contains three small osseins known as Auditory ossicles, the malleus, incus, and stapes. These transmit the sound vibrations.
Epitympanic Recess- This is a space near(Superior) to the tympanic cavity, lies near Mastoid cells.

Borders In Our Ear

Your middle is seen as a rectangular box with a roof, floor, walls, medial, anterior, and posterior walls.

  1. Roof-This is formed by thin osseins which are known as a temporal ossein. This roof separates the middle ear from the Middle cranial fossa.
  2. Floor-It consists of a thin layer of osseins that help in the separation of the middle ear from the internal jugular vein. The floor is also is known as a jugular wall.
  3. Lateral Wall-This wall is made up of the Tympanic membrane and works as a lateral wall of the Epitympanic recess.
  4. Anterior Walls-This anterior wall separates the middle from the internal carotid artery.
  5. Posterior Walls-This wall mainly contains a small bony partition in between the tympanic cavity and mastoid air cells.
  6. Medial CellsMedial cells help information on the lateral wall of the ear.

Bones function

Bone- healthyxpo

Our Osseins are more than just osseins they help in doing everything like weight lifting, walking, running, and in many more things. Our osseins come in all shapes and in all sizes and play many vital roles.

Storage of Ions
Production of Cells
Endocrine Regulation
Top 6 (Work)Function of Bones
Support-Provide Structural support for standing.Storage of ions-Help in the absorption of ions for growth.
Movement– Help in walking running and in moving.Production of cells– They also help in production cells.
Protection– Protect our muscles and tissue from Injury.Endocrine Regulation- Help in maintaining endocrine regulations.
  • The Key is here brother how osseins help in everything and why they are very essential.
  • Osseins help in moving, running, and extracurricular activities.
  • Provides us structural support(Skeletal Support).
  • Protect our tissues from any harm.
  • Help in maintaining endocrine regulations.
  • Osseins also help in producing cells in our body.
  • Our osseins are not osseins they are like a boon.
  • Without you can’t do any movement.
  • You should thank your mother because of her you are here and walking reading doing everything in your, people are wishing to do so.

Rigid Structure pain

Look man’s struggle is very important in your life because without struggle there is no life.

The pain of osseins is usually deep and penetrating and sometimes makes us angry.

  • Mostly pain comes during injury or in old age.
  • Other main reasons for ossein pain are here.


Mineral Deficiency

Bone Cancer



Metastatic Cancer

Injury- Due to injury some times pain occur in bones.
Mineral deficeny- Sometime due to lack of nurtients skeletal pain takes place.
Disease- Due to lack of nutrients disease occur which pentrating pain.
Bone Cancer- Major problems occur in young age pepole make them helpless and cause pain.
Leukemia- major problem and sometime can be the reason of deep irritating pain.

Bones Disease

There are many ossein problems that occur in our body but few are listed here because these are common and severe ossein problems.

Osteitis Deformans
Osteoporosis-Osteoporosis is a disease in which your osseins become fragile and prone to fracture.
Osteopenia-This disease is similar to osteoporosis in the loss of the skeleton that takes place.
Osteitis Deformans-Another disease which is similar to osteopenia in loss of rigid structure takes place.
Osteomalacia-Same as Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, Osteitis deformans loss of rigid structure takes place in a higher amount your osseins become fragile and prone.
Scoliosis-Sometimes abnormalities come in the spinal cord which is known scoliosis.
Kyphosis– In this disease spinal comes with some disorder like bending and many more.
Lordosis– Lordosis is similar to kyphosis and scoliosis in three diseases your spinal become abnormal.
Leukemia-This is cancer and severe disease occurs in white blood cells.

Bones Doctors Called

Always focus on your health because good health can do anything you want, Maintain a balance between a healthy life and working life.

  • Osseins Doctors Called orthopedic surgeons.
  • Sometimes people called them orthopedic doctors.
  • Orthopedic doctors are specialized in cases of skeletal promises such as genital muscles osseins fractures and metabolic problems.
  • Physiatrists are doctors who are specialized in medicine and rehabilitation.

Bones Weak

Due to lack of nutrition sometimes you become weak and due to some other disease, they lose their density and strength.

Eat a healthy and nutritious diet for a healthy living.

  • Osteoporosis is a disease in which your osseins become too much weak.
  • You can rebuild your skeletal density with a healthy diet and with some exercises.
  • Some of the main which cause major skeletal loss and make your rigid support prone.
    • Hyperparathyroidism
    • Hyperthyroidism
    • Vitamin D deficiency
    • Celiac Disease
    • Medications
  • These 5 things make your osseins weak and force your rigid structure to lose its strength.

Drinks Which Makes Weak

These are those foods which makes your ossein weak and dependent.

Alcohol-Drinking alcohol is a major reason for the loss, Drinking heavily sometimes can cause you harmful effect.
Caffeine-Drinking caffeine in higher amounts is a major reason for the loss of ossein density because it absorbs calcium from osseins.
Coffee/Tea-Drinking tea contributes to the loss of osseins and makes your osseins weak.
Soft Drinks-Soft drinks CO2 which makes it harmful and is a major reason for the skeletal loss.

Bones Weight

Bones weight - healthyxpo

About 15% of your body weight is occupied by skeletal and you lose your weight, not rigid structure weight. Focus on a healthy diet you will have a good and ripped body.

Weight<60kg60-75 kg>75kg
Bones Mass2.5 kg2.9 kg3.2 kg
Weight<45 kg45-65kg<60 kg
Bones mass1.8 kg2.2 kg2.5 kg
  • With weak, you will not able to lift things.
  • You will not able to work out or exercise.
  • With weak osseins, you will not take in any activity.
  • Weak osseins break your confidence.
  • Sometime you will not able to walk.
  • Eat a healthy diet to maintain osseins density.
  • Weak osseins make you helpless.

Ques-Is that truth when you lose weight your osseins also lose weight or change itself.

Ans- Yes it is true when you lose weight or drop it your ossein also changes itself and breaks old osseins to form new osseins.

Are you getting your interest in this topic if yes then just your comment in the box?

Bones Are Held Together By

You now you have to make your bones tong you have to work on them, but do you know why your osseins work together and how osseins are held together. Let’s find out.

  • Osseins are held together by joint.
  • Strong osseins are held by tissue called a ligament.
  • Which gives permission(allow) skeletal to move.
  • Ligaments gave stability to the joints.
  • Bursas (fluid-filled sacs) are found between the joints.
  • This fluid gives friction to the skeletal.
  • Tendon attaches the muscles to the joint.

You must know everything about your skeletal through when you know everything then you will be able to do everything that you want in your life.

Bones Cancer

Skeletal cancer is a rare problem in younger boys, it can start in any osseins like the osseins of legs, and like osseins of the arm. The fact is that ossein tumors are common than cancer.

There are 3 types of cancer in bones-

  • Chondrosarcoma-Most common osseins cancer, in these cancerous cells, start producing osseins. This disease mainly occurs in children.
  • Ewing Sarcoma-Second most form of cancer the cancer cells start producing cartilages. This disease mainly takes place in the middle ages.
  • Osteosarcoma-This cancer takes place in the pelvis and in the arms of children and in young adults.

Symptoms of Bone Cancer

These are major sign(symptoms of ossein cancer).

  • Pain occurs in your osseins.
  • Swelling also takes in that particular area.
  • Weak skeletal easily lead to fractures.
  • Unwanted fat loss(weight Loss)
  • Fatigue

Worst Sign You Need Doctor

If you are feeling much more pain in that particular then you must visit the doctor and here some other reasons why you need a doctor.

  • The pain becomes worst at night.
  • Sometimes the pain comes and goes.

Bones Growth Food

Osseins Growth Food that helps your osseins to achieve(retrieve) their quality or strength, Adding foods help in the recovery of your osseins.

  • Milk Cheese, Paneer, and other dairy products.
  • Green vegetables,Cauliflower,Broccli,Okra spinch.
  • Eat soybean
  • Eat Tofu
  • Soya with calcium
  • Nuts
  • Brown bread
  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Milk
  • Curd

Ques-How to ensure the growth of bones?

Ans-So here we best 9 natural and healthy ways for making your osseins stronger faster.

Strength Training
Enough Protein
High Calcium Food
Avoid-Low Carb Diet
Ques-Do Banana Makes our Osseins strong& healthy?
Ans-Yes banana is good for health and makes our osseins healthy and like banana, pineapple, strawberries, oranges, and apple help in making our body healthy.
Ques- Is it true coffee affects the growth of our osseins?
Ans- No it is not true coffee doesn’t affect the growth of osseins, According to the study, it has been revealed that coffee doesn’t harm your skeletal.

Bones have minerals like

Bones have minerals like calcium phosphorus and many minerals.

As I said the osseins mineral is made up of hydroxyapatite which is insoluble salt, Do you know 70% of our skeletal contain insoluble salt?

  • These two minerals are present in a higher amount.
  • These two minerals are present in the form of salt which is known as hydroxyapatite.
  • Calcium is a very important mineral for our skeletal.
  • Calcium is not made in the body it is absorbed from outside in the form of milk and curd.
  • Your ossein mineral is inorganic and indeed calcium phosphorus, Crystalline soil, and then passes genuinely which is known as an ossein mineral.

What Foods to Avoid that Are Too Much High In Calcium

There are several foods that are very high in calcium and cause problems.

  • Foods that contain oxalic acid impede the abolition of calcium in your body.
  • Spinach is very high in calcium but contains oxalic acid.
  • Therefore our will not able to process calcium.
  • There so many foods that high amount of oxalic acids.
    • Beet Greens
    • Sweet potatoes
    • Rhubarb

Ques- What stops the absorption of calcium in our body?

Ans- Oxalic and phytic acid bind the abolition of calcium in our body, Food with high oxalic acid steps the absorption of calcium in the body.


Collard Greens

Sweet potatoes



Calcium for bones

There is lovely relation between calcium and osseins, Without osseins, calcium is alone without calcium is alone, Your body calcium for working or exciting your body functions.

  • The minerals help your nerve cells work normally.
  • Your body also needs enough amount of phosphorus for maintaining the health of skeletal.
  • You are the main reason where all of your calcium is stored.
Ques-Which calcium is best for our osseins?
-Yes you read right there are two most commonly calcium your body needs in the higher mount, one is calcium citrate and another one is calcium carbonate, Calcium carbonate dissolves better in an acidic environment. Because calcium doesn’t need acid to dissolve.


Double Marker Test Benefits

Ques-What do you think about your bones?

Ans-Bones are the major part of your body, Without osseins, you can’t do anything your life, For a better and healthy life, you must need osseins. Because supports your body and help in movement

Ques-What role Calcium plays for our skeletal?

Ans-Calcium is very essential for our osseins, Because calcium makes osseins rigid and strong, With strong skeletal you can lift, walk-run and you can do anything you want.

Ques-List the food which are rich in calcium?

Ans-There are many foods which rich in calcium and make your skeletal strong, rigid.
Soya bean
Green Leafy vegetables

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