Double Marker Test Benefits

The most Important test known as the Double Marker Test, Used for detecting chromosomal(Genetic abnormality) defects in babies and this genetic abnormality can be cured by new science.

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Today you will know all the benefits of the double marker test, what is double marker test, how it helps you, the demerits of double marker test, the cost of the test, and in which month you have to do the marker test. providing you the best content in the world is the first priority. Therefore read this post be a master your own file.

Why Health Is Wealth?

Always maintain your health and stay fit, because health is wealth.
Want to know why health is wealth?

Pregnancy is like a boom for every woman because becoming a parent is the dream of every couple. It is advised for ensuring for maternal well being just visit and gynecologist. There are many tests taken for checking the nutrition and progress of your baby(Child).

What is The Double marker Test?

It is a test that is performed by professionals for checking any chromosomal defects in the child(Genetic Abnormality). Forex

  • Down syndrome
    • Trisomy 21
    • Trisomy 18
Down Syndrome-These children suffer many problems like heart problems slightly bent fingers, flat and round face short, and stocky build.

For this checking these abnormalities two parameter are used.

  1. PAPP-A(Pregnancy-associated plasma protein A)
  2. b-hCG -Beta-hCG
PAPP-A= Pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A.
PAPP-A is secreted from the placenta and the level of PAPP-A Continusoulsy increases during pregnancy.
Beta-hCG-is secreted from the placenta and the main reason for the secretion is to take care of the full development of the child. In initial days the level of Beta-hCG increases continuously and after some time it starts getting decrease(back to a normal level).

Purpose of Double Screening Test

Double Marker Test-healthyxpo

There are many Purpose of Double screening Testfew important ones are listed below.

  • A double screening test is performed for checking the mental health of a child.
  • It is a test for checking genetic abnormalities.
  • Used for checking child health.
  • Used for determining the chromosomal pattern in a child.
  • Help in finding any neurological issue present in a child.
  • Like down Syndrome or Edward syndrome.

Which girls should do a Double marker test?

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  • Mostly suggested to those womens which are older than 35 years old.

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  1. This test is advised for the ladies who:
    1. Has a family history of birth defects.
    2. Ladies older then35 or older age group.
    3. If there is the use of some inappropriate substances.
    4. Ladies suffering from Diabetes.
    5. History of viral infection during pregnancy.
    6. If the lady is exposed to harmful radiation like X-ray, Uv, and man more.

Double marker test in which week of pregnancy

Respected ladies another question occurring in your mind is a double marker test in which week of pregnancy, Read and find out the answer.

  • A double marker test should be tested in a duration of 10-13 weeks of pregnancy.
  • In this duration marker test takes place you cannot do this test before this duration or after this duration.
  • Remember if you are not able to do the test in the given duration.
  • Then you can have a triple marker test for checking the health of the baby.
    • Triple marker Test-Triple screening
      • HCG
      • AFP
      • Estriol
    • Quadruple Screening also takes place in quadruple screening they check.
      • HCG
      • AFP
      • Estriol
      • Inhibin-A
  • This check takes place between the 15-16 weeks of pregnancy.

Difference Between Double Screening and Quadruple test

Double ScreeningQuadruple Test
There is only a small difference
In this test 4 parameters are used.

How to do a Double Screening Test

Screening Test- healthyxpo
  • Some females also ask this question because they are worried about their baby, So mam doesn’t worry.

The doctor only takes a sample of your blood there is nothing more they do, During this test period you can’t everything that you want to eat and the results came in 3- 4days.

Dual marker test results positive

There are some indications when dual marker test results is positive.

  • The high level the indicative of a higher risk of Trisomy-18.
  • Indicative of Down syndrome- PAPP-A is an indispensable plasma protein.
  • Low-level of Plasma protein is indicative of Down syndrome.

Double marker Result Interpretation

  • When you get the report card you will get to know the knowledge about these two hormones.
    • B-hCG
    • PAPP-A
  • What are the levels of these hormones?
  • You have to focus on providing the right age of the mother and age of the child.
  • These values are calculated by software under the guidance of professional doctors.
  • If you will tell the wrong age then doctors will not able to recognize the high risk or low risk.
  • Always focuses on telling truth to your doctor.

In case of down syndrome the level of beta-hCG increase and the level of PAPP-A decrease.

In the case of advanced syndrome the level of both PAPP-A and beta-hCG decreases

You can get more information about the health of your child thought PAPP-A by increasing or decreasing levels.

Double Screening Test Normal values in ng/ml

The normal value of Beta-hCG in a pregnant woman
The normal value of PAPP-A in a pregnant woman
1 MOM(Multiple of Median)
Dual marker test normal values in ng/ml

Double Marker Test Results Low Risk Means

You can get information about your child’s health and child abnormalities.

Ques-Women with low PAPP-A at 8 to 14 fourteen weeks have the chances for:
Ans-These are the following main problems a mother could have due to low PAPP_A.
1-Intrauterine growth restriction
2-Trisomy 21
3-Premature labor

Dual Screening Test Results High Risk Means

Another question in your mind occurs is what happens if the high risk occurs, marker test results High risk means.

  • If a high risk occurs then you have to do one more test which is known as.
    • NT-Scan
  • You have to do the test for around 12 weeks.

Procedure during the Test

  • IN this test They see the measurement of your child.
  • They see the measurement of your child through its neck.
  • They look at the ack of neck-through this they check it.
  • NT stand for-(Neuro Translucency ultrasound).
  • If it occurs high then there may be some chances of patrimonial abnormalities.
  • The normal size of the neck is 2.5.
  • If you want to confirm the genetic Abnormality then you have to do the Amniocentesis test.
Amniocentesis test-In this process the test produce takes place by taking the fluid which presents around the child.
Through this technique you can see the level of chromosome either is increases or decreased.
In this technique, there is a chance of a fatal problem.

Fetal Screening Test

Dual screening Test-healthyxpo
Fetal Screening-In this test you have knowledge about the head of your child and the development of other body parts and you can have about the nutrition of the child.
These all tests we are talking about must be done within 20weeks.
If you are unable to any problem occur you are not able to do that test in that given you can go government hospitals where higher authority doctors can check it.

Dual Screening Sensitivity

Dual screening sensitivity also known as marker test sensitivity.

1st Trimester Screening Tests -Maternal serum Markers, Preg,sso.Placental protein A(PAPP-A}-94%)-Free B.hCG. Fetal Marker-Nuchal Thickness

Now you have knowledge focus on your child provide it proper nutrition eat healthy food eat protein-rich food eat vegetable fruits.

Dual Screening marker Test cost

The main and important question of what is the cost of the test and is it expensive, There are different roves in different places.

The Dual screening marker test cost of a particular hospital
Dual Screening test cost in Apollo
Dual marker test cost in Lal path lab
Normal of Hospitals(#Available)

Normal Cost- The normal cost of Dual screening test is approximately 1500 rs.

Dual marker test cost in Lal path lab-Average Cost-Rs.2197 Starting Price is Rs-1390 – Price up to depends-3000

Double Screening test cost in delhi- Normal- Rs-1390 First Trimester-1390 Cost in Delhi- Rs-1390

Dual Screening test cost in apollo- Rs:1500 approximately

Things To Remember

These are the main things you have to remember durings screen test.

  • You have to tell the correct age of the mother.
  • The age of the mother is an important criterion.
  • What is the age of baby, You have to tell the correct age of the baby?

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Ques- How Dual screening Test is performed?

Ans-Thee test performed by taking the blood sample of the mother through this they get all the information about child health and about genetic abnormality

Ques- What is the importance of ultrasound in Dual screening test?

Ans-Ultrasound is very important in dual screening tests it is because the sensitivity of the becomes increases therefore you can have a clear and best and have the best knowledge about the baby.

Ques- Is there any risk in dual screening test?

Ans-No there is no risk in dual screening test but there is some risk in amniocentesis, I prefer you not to do the amniocentesis test.

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