How to do push ups

A pushup is a natural and effective way of building muscle and stamina. It is a no-cost workout, Where you don’t need gym memberships. That’s why we are here to examine(discuss) how to do push ups the correct way of doing pushups.

Performing pushup is a traditional way to show respect to your elder. It is because our ancestors used to do that for muscle building.

Just Focus and will power help you in cultivating muscles. Give your 100% comeback is always greater then throwback.

Pushup works on the pectorals muscles of your chest and on biceps muscles. These muscles are present on the back of your arms.

Confession– Seriously I never like to do pushups and pull-ups because I am not able to do them. During the physical test, I always get worst because of my poor strength. The worst day of my life is when a tournament is organized by our school. There we have to do only 15 pushups for showing them strength. By putting my all efforts I got 2 pushups only. That day hole school laugh at me and I decided to show them who I am.

The thing takes time man, I am not alone in my hood, India certified trainer Jeet sell helps me and told me about the Instagram pushup challenge. So I started with my trainer and ask the most common pushups question. This helps me hopefully these things also help you in clearing your doubts about how to do push ups.

What are Pushups?

  • Pushups are a simple and effective movement of all of your body muscles that help in building strength in the core muscles, and in the upper body.

As I said you can do it anywhere it is a free muscle building workout.

You always have ground for doing pushups and some other workout(exercises). Pushups packs a lot of benefits inside it only you have to dig them.

Great pushup form is started by plank, Planks teach you how to keep your back straight. Remember to engage your core and thighs must keep your hips at a flat level for more results.

Performing 30-40 with wrong forms is not good, Without technique, there is nothing you will get. While executing pushups correct form is mandatory. As slowly you move you have full control of your body.

During performing pushup you have to take care of breathing in taking especially breathe while going lower and breather out when going upper level again.

Once you develop a way of performing good form, then pushups work as the best warming up exercise. You can generally mix this with other exercises like biceps, triceps, or you can perform it while doing superset.

There are endless ways to modify pushups according to your set or for your specific need. Therefore here are the top 14 pushups variation and technique to learn how to do push ups.

why push ups are so hard?

How to do push ups
Easy way to do pushups

A lot of people do a common mistake, They start performing pushups without strengthening their base.

If you want to execute correct pushups then you have to learn the pushups for proper results.

Pushup is a technical move, You must know the basics of that technical move.

If you are a beginner and start performing pushups without basic knowledge, You will not able to increase the strength of pushups(Reps). Because of a lack of knowledge your ability to perform pushups becomes limited.

Pushup is harder for some people because of your body weight. The more bodyweight you have it cause a lot of difficulties while doing pushups.

Pushups are also felt bad when you have a lack of confidence, core strength, and muscle stamina.

They challenge our pecs our bicep, triceps, and shoulder because all they want is full focus on, strength, and determination.

There is a simple way to do pushups is to make your mind that you cant do it, In other words, sometimes our past cover us from fear that we can’t do. Just overcome the fear and see the results.

What Does Correct Pushup Form Look Like?

Thinking about what does a correct pushup form looks like, Keep your eyes on the planks form, From where you will get an idea how a correct pushup form looks like.

Like you do plank you have to keep the difference between your arms for pushing yourself down.

There are 18 types of Pushups we are going to discuss here listed:

  1. Military Pushup(Strict)
  2. Wide hand Pushups
  3. Triangle Pushups(Diamond) Pushups
  4. Pike Pushups
  5. Hindu Pushups
  6. Staggered Hand Pushups
  7. Sphinx Pushup
  8. Spiderman Side kick Pushup
  9. Cross Body Pushups
  10. Archer Pushups
  11. Typewriter Pushups
  12. Clap Pushups
  13. Clap behind back pushups
  14. Triceps Claps
  15. Superman(Wide arm)
  16. Single-arm pushups
  17. Knuckle Push-Up
  18. Slider Pushup

1-Military Pushup(Strict)

Strict military pushups help in strengthing the upper part of your body- Targeted area-Chest, Shoulder, and triceps.

Military pushups also work on core and back muscles.

How To Do Military Push-ups

The best way to do military pushups easily and to get all the effects on muscles.

  • Start this exercise like you do Standard pushups.
  • You have to keep the space between your feet Approx(12 inches).
  • Your hand should be flat on the ground below your shoulders.
  • Breather as go lower(towards surface) keep tracking them along your body.
  • Breathe out when you push yourself back at the original position.

Common Mistakes While Doing Pushups

These are 3 common mistakes occurred while doing pushups are:

#Mistake(1): Your hands are too far, Due to this people properly don’t able to train their core and muscles.

#Mistake(2): While Doing pushups hips goes too low

#Mistake(3): Elbows are pointed out during performing pushups.

Ques- Are Military Pushups better?

Ans-Military pushups are similar to standard pushups, There is only a major difference between military pushups and standard pushups. You have to keep your arms close during the whole range of motion. This will put a lot of impact on your triceps. If you are doing it in the correct position it will also give benefits to your lats.

Ques-How many push-ups should do?

Ans-You needs to score at least 180 points during a fitness test. With t least 60 points in each game. Male between 17-21 have to do 42 pushups,53 sit-ups and 2miles run in a short period of time.

2-Wide Hand Pushups

Wide arm pushups mainly focus on cultivating the upper body and core muscles. It gives more focus on pectoral muscles.

  • Wide arm pushup is the smith of pectoral muscles.
  • This exercise mainly helps in spreading chest fibers.
  • Spreading arms while doing pushups gives you more advantage in gaining strength and ultimate chest results.
  • The variation of this pushup develops core strength.

How to Perform Wide Arm Pushups?

  • Place your hands on the surface like you do in normal pushups.
  • Now increase the space between your arms(correct form before doing pushups).
  • Your hands width should apart from each other.
  • Now slowly bend your during going down towards the floor.
  • Stop when your chest is below your elbow.

Most Common Mistake of Wide Arm Pushups

#Mistake: In a perfect for hand position and elbow position is essential. Assure yourself with a good starting position. Your hands should apart from your shoulder. Too wide elbow difference can doom your complete set.

Ques- Are wide arm pushups bad?

Ans– No wide arm pushups are not bad, when you perform them correctly the discomfort you will feel while during pushups is an indicator of incorrect form. Wide arm pushups work as a boon for your body.

Ques- Are wide arm pushups good?

Ans-Wide arm pushups work as a challenge for our core muscles, shoulders, and arms of our bodies. Variation in this push up can help you to cultivate muscles. Wide arm arms also protect your back muscles. Alternating pushups and wide arm pushups protect you from injuries.

3-Triangle Pushups(Diamond) Pushups

Triangle pushups known as diamond pushups. Usually, it is an effective workout for triceps muscles.

  • Triangle pushups are best for targeting the back muscles of your triceps.
  • This exercise usually gives your triceps a boost.
  • The best exercise for increasing the strength of your body.
  • This the common and natural form of pushup.

How to Perform Diamond Pushups(Triangle Pushups)?

  • You ought to place your hands on the surface and create a triangle by your hands.
  • Like you do normal pushups you have to move downward.
  • When you go lower take breather lower and while returning to the initial position breath out.
  • You have to only do one task is just joint your hands.

Common Mistake While Performing Pushups

#Mistake: While doing diamond pushups, you have to watch your elbows, that they are not going out of your ribs. Another most common mistake is lowering your head too much. These mistakes can usually lead you to injury or on the movement of quality.

Do Diamond Pushups Better than Regular Pushups?

  • Yes, Diamond pushups are better than regular pushups.
  • Diamond pushups gives complete focus on developing your triceps size and its strength.
  • Diamond pushups are better than regular in three ways:
    • It targets your triceps muscles and upper pecs muscles at the same time.
    • Boost the size of your (Major advantage of pushup).
    • Also, cultivate muscles of the biceps and strength of triceps.

Question- Do diamond pushups are bad for triceps and biceps?

Ans-No diamond pushups are good for our biceps and triceps, Triangle angle pushups boost the size of our triceps and also provides the strength to our biceps for lifting weight.

Question- What are the common pushups faults?

  1. Wrong placement of your hands.
  2. Elbows false
  3. Head too up(Crane head)
  4. Improper posture of back
  5. Wrong position of pushups
  6. Incomplete range of motion
  7. Repetition too much fast
  8. Leg improper posture
  9. Wrong hip movement

Do Pushups Really Help In Bulking Muscles?

  1. Yes, you can say that because while in developing strength they also build your muscles fiber(Mass).
  2. But not a proper gaining only muscle mass and the size of tissues.
  3. Lifting weight is mandatory during losing or gaining.
  4. Weight lifting is the most trustworthy way to gain muscles.
  5. Pushups train various muscles of or body:
    • Deltoids (Triceps & Biceps Muscles)
    • Quadriceps & Core Muscles

All these pushups departure train different parts of our muscles and triggers the growth of muscles.

how to do push ups
Easy way to do pushups

4-Pike Pushup

Pike pushup is like a downward-looking dog and its major movement of building strength. Amazing muscle strength builder.

  1. It is a shoulder strength builder exercise.
  2. This exercise also helps in cultivating muscles.
  3. you should maintain proper form for keeping your shoulder healthy and strong.
  4. Now you each and every way of going pushups, Let’s have a look at how to do push ups.

How to Do Pike Pushups?

  1. Look pike pushup is not for beginners.
  2. Start performing exercises in plank position, with your hands on the floor between right your shoulder.
  3. Then place your foot(toes on the Ground).
  4. Keep your core tight and back straight. Your complete body should in a straight line.
  5. Lift your body upward and make it like V-shape(Inverted).
  6. Now slowly bend your body and the elbows towards the floor.
  7. Immediately hold yourself there for a short period of time then come back at original pushups.
  8. Remember breathe take while going lower and breathe out while coming back at the original position.

Common Mistakes in Pike Pushup

Mistake: There is only one common mistake people regularly do is that they don’t take pushups seriously. But I want to tell pushups gives you unimaginable benefits.

Why Pike Pushups are So Good?

Shoulder Strength Booster-This exercise makes you feel every rep of your life. Especially it build strength in your shoulders. The Inverted V shape puts a great effect on your shoulders and cultivates an emphasis on your shoulder.

Best Teacher For Hand Stand-First you should perfect your regular pushups by buildings strength in your biceps. After the biceps you have to focus on pike pushup, Pike pushup is a great exercise for anyone who wants to build strength So that you can do handstand easily.

Create Strong Core-If you want to develop a great perform variation of pushups. When you push yourself down your core becomes strong automatically and easily. This helps you in tunning weight easily and faster.

Question-Are Pushups effective for health?

Ans-Pike pushups gives you more effective progress on health, muscle building, and on muscle stamina. Pike pushups shows excellent progress towards handstand.

Question- Do pike Pushups helps in building traps?

Ans-Yes you can create good health, You can say that they help in building good traps.

Question-Do pike Pushup works on the chest?

Ans-No pike pushups never work on your chest, bend your elbows as you go down. Your head will be drop between the benches and out to the sides.

5Hindu Pushups

Hindu pushups mainly focus on building mobility and flexibility. Really it focus on mobility, not on your strength. This exercise is also good for articulating your spine.

Keeping flexibility and mobility to your spine is essential for the body, It usually helps in increasing stamina, and correcting your posture and a good posture makes you more confident and attractive.

How to Do Hindu Pushups?

  1. This is my favorite exercise in all of them.
  2. Hindu pushups also known as Suryanamskar.
  3. First, stand straight in anyplace.
  4. The second thing is Strech your back while standing.
  5. Thrid is you have to touch your feet standing curve back.
  6. Now Push your one leg straight one remain back.
  7. Now be in a position like your doing pushups.
  8. Slowly try to go up.
  9. After then you will feel like cobra pose.
  10. Again come to 4 points on 1 leg.
  11. Slowly touch your feet again
  12. Stretch your back again.
  13. Combine your hands(namaste).

Mistakes in Hindu Pushups

Mistakes: There are silly mistakes that are affecting the growth of your body like not stretching back properly not taking legs rightly taking foot in the wrong place and most common not touching your feet properly. Just focus on them and you will see results.

Lower Back Pain Remedy

  • This is a good exercise for curing your lower back pain.
  • Hindu pushups are best for stretching all of your muscles at a single time.
  • This is my favorite exercise for stretching
  • If you want the full effect of the exercise just follow 12 steps easily and see blood is flowing to every part of your body.

Question- Can Hindu pushups build muscles?

Ans-Yes easily Hindu muscles can build your muscles by cultivating muscles and fibers. This workout includes muscles of your chest, biceps, triceps especially pectorals and shoulder. Use it for maintaining your health. Hindu pickups are good for increasing the flexibility on hips spine and should at the same time.

Question- How many calories do 10 pushups burn?

Ans-These exercises work on muscles like shoulder muscles, biceps, triceps, and on back muscles. Approximately 1 min workout burn 7-8 calories. So they are great too add them to your workout.

6-Staggered Hand Pushups

Staggered Hand Pushups are included in the category of anaerobic exercise.

This exercise is a weight management movement exercise performed in the prone position at a 90-degree angle by bending your elbows, Your arms are used to raise your torso.

During exercise, a gravitational force comes which gives you functional and overall strength while performing exercise.

How To Do Staggered Hand Pushups?

  • Staggered hands pushups is like normal pushup.
  • While you are in the position of doing a normal pushup.
  • You have to keep your one slightly back and one hand forward.
  • After setting proper from slowly go down.
  • This exercise helps in targeting the strength of your biceps and chest.

Common Mistakes In Staggered Hand Pushups

#Mistake: In this exercise, there is only a mistake you will do, that causes you many problems. The enigma is an incorrect posture. While performing more pushups just focus on correcting your form.

Question-Are Staggered Hand Pushups good?

Ans-Exercise which helps in building strength creates muscle hypertrophy and builds your strength. This is an advanced pushup variation that works on your biceps, triceps shoulder, and chest muscles. You can include more strength in your wrist.

Question- Why my hands got hurt when I do pushups?

Ans-While doing pushup you trigger your body to engage upper body muscles without engaging muscles, That why your hands hurt when you do pushups.

Question- How to stop hands from hurting?

Ans- Before doing anything you should strengthen your base like in pushups before accomplishing pushups you should do plank for increasing the strength of your forearms.

7Sphinx Pushup

Sphinx Pushup is a pushup that mainly focuses on the chest and triceps. After it is triceps expert but also works on chest, core, and shoulders muscles.

Ultimate exercise to develop a good amount of strength for lifting weight and for developing muscles

How to Do Sphinx Pushup?

  • For doing this exercise you have to learn the correct form.
  • First, you have to sit on knees and place your elbows on the ground.
  • Now come into plank position by putting your forearms.
  • After then pushups yourself by hand.
  • This is a triceps expert, perform it until failure.

Mistakes in Sphinx Pushup

#Mistake: In this exercise, people use their strength in the wrong way without correcting their posture. For performing Sphinx Pushup and for taking all the benefits of Sphinx Pushup you have to keep the distance between and you have to trigger your triceps muscles.

Question-How much weight do you actually push up during a pushup?

Ans-While doing regular pushup you should use 64% of your body weight but of you are a beginner then you must use only 49 percent of your body weight. If you are new to the workout then perform it by putting your knees and use your bodyweight below 40 percent.

Question-Can you get ripped from pushups only?

Ans- Yes easily you can get a ripped body by performing pushups only.Although you have to do at least100-150 reps in one set and you have to perform 3-4 sets. Perform 100-150 reps of every variation of pushups.

8-Spiderman Side kick Pushup

Ultimate exercise or you can say that spiderman sidekick pushup is a core strengthing expert exercise.

Having good core strength is beneficial for doing workout and lifting weights.

How to Do Spider Man Kick Pushups?

  • Get yourself into standard pushups form.
  • You have to lift your leg while doing down towards the floor.
  • When you are going down keep your legs parallel to the ground.
  • Your knees should touch your elbows at the lower point.
  • Do at least 4-5 sets with both legs.
  • Rember breathe take while going lower and out when pushing yourself up.

Common Mistakes in Spider-Man Pushups

#Mistake– While doing this pushup people never touch their elbows and their posture is incorrect, Only they are focusing on repetition, But before repetition focus on posture and keep your legs parallel to the ground for effective results.

Question- Are spider man pushups good?

Ans-Yes spider man pushup is good because they are included in the category of calisthenics exercises. This exercise fundamentally targets your abs and also targets your glutes, lats, lower back, Obliques, and middle back.

Question-What Spiderman pushup good for?

Ans-Spider man pushups are good for targeting our core muscles. This exercise is good runners, swimmers, cyclists and when you include it in the routine it starts targeting the pectorals, triceps, and biceps muscles and core as well.

9-Cross Body Pushups

The basic principle of this is strengthening your core muscles and also putting focus on the upper body, hip flexors, shoulders.

How to Cross Body Pushups?

  • First, get yourself in a standard pushups position.
  • As you go down pick you one leg and cross it right our body.
  • Rotate your hips towards the ground.
  • After performing one pushup reverse back to the original form.
  • Do 4 sets of 10-12 reps.

Mistakes in Cross Body Pushups

#Mistake: While doing Cross Body Pushups people do not rotate their body properly and which causes them wrist pain and back. First, you have to focus on form and on the technique. With proper technique, you can extract much more than your imagination.

Question- How many pushups for the effective results?

Ans- If you want to extract something from Cross Body Pushups then focus on form and perform 4 sets of 20-30 pushups, You can get more as your thought.

10-Archer Pushups

This exercise puts a high percentage of your all body weight on one hand while the other arm assists(Ultimate way to strengthen your biceps).

How to Do Archer Pushups?

  • Be in simple pushup before doing archer pushups.
  • Now lower yourself at a 45-degree angle that lower your shoulder down.
  • When you are doing archer pushup always focus that your one hand is stretched properly.
  • Push back yourself to the starting position.
  • Repeat that process until failure by your both hands.

Mistake In Archer Pushups

#Mistake– When people perform this exercise they don’t focus on arm-stretching only they want to do, This is the best exercise for increasing biceps strength and you can target one of your biceps easily by putting higher weight on one muscle. Focus on the proper form and on the stretching of hands.

Question-Why archer pushup is so hard?

Ans-The archer pushup focuses on your one arm when you want to develop good strength focus on archer pushups. Holding all of your body weight off one is extremely difficult. That’ why archer pushup is s hard.

11-Typewriter Pushups

Typewriter pushups are similar to archer pushups, I love them because they provide great stability and flexibility to my arms and also builder high strength which helps in winning every tournament. Here is the way how to do push ups.

How to Do Type Writer Pushups?

  • In this exercise, you have to move your chest side to side.
  • Instead of returning, you have to move your chest above the ground.
  • You have to move opposite each and every time.
  • Perform at least 20 reps for full effect.
  • Everything depends on your body

Mistakes in Type Writer Pushups

#Mistake– Only incorrect from, you have to aim for the correct position after then you can focus on reps, Correct from with higher reps gives you more advantages of the pushups, and you can learn how to do push ups easily.

Ques- How to do Push ups?

Ans- First get yourself into plank position after place you hands-on the surface then slowly go down and feel the stretch on your muscles you can feel pain in muscles and fibers.

Question-How do you do typewriter pushups?

Ans-Start it with normal pushups form (Strong core and flat back), Initiative with lower when you are going down after then shift your body to one side and straight to your opposite arm and again shift your body to another side of your arms and bend your elbows while doing it. Now you how to do push ups.

12-Clap Pushups

  • Normal people who never done this exercise though this is a very hard exercise.
  • The thin is only you have to prepare your mind for this, Mindset is everything.
  • Think that no one can’t do that rather than you.
  • This pushup helps in building hands strength and biceps strength.

How To Do Clap Pushups?

  • 4 simple things you have to do for performing clap push-ups.
  • Initiate it by placing your hand on the surface.
  • When you go lower just jump by the whole strength of your hands.
  • Give all of your focus and strength to hands so that you can jump.
  • Jump high for clapping when you go lower.

Mistake in Clap Pushups

#Mistakes: It is a common mistake people do when they go down they don’t jump with full strength instead of that they start doing normal pushups. You have to overcome your fear that you can’t do. Just go down jump and clap. Focus on quality, not on quantity. Practice it daily.

Question-Do clap pushup build muscle?

Ans- Clap push-ups are included in the category of plyometric pushup, It is one most trending pushups in the workout series.Clap help in increasing muscle strength, power, and functional movement.

Question-Are clap pushup impressive?

Ans-Yes, plyometric pushups are impressive for us because they focus on upper body strength, shoulder stability, and core strength, and when you do them you feel different power.

13-Clap behind back pushups

Clap behind back pushups is like clap push-ups but it is an advanced form of clap pushups, in this exercise you have to clap behind your back while jumping. You can do both front clap and back clap for more advantages.

  • Best exercise for developing maximum strength and easy exercise.
  • Nothing in this world is hard if you think.
  • Just like clap pushup front and back claps.

How to Do Clap behind back pushups?

  • Get yourself in standard pushups form.
  • Play your hands on the surface and shoulder a width part.
  • Now go slowly as much as you can.
  • After going down jump with your full strength

Question Can Clap behind back pushups build our back muscles?

Ans-Traditional push-ups are best for our body workout they help us on building upper pecs, pectoral, deltoids, and shoulder. When you perform them properly they also help in getting a strong back and gives you relief from pain.

14-Triceps Claps Pushups

Easy and simple exercise expert in strengthing triceps muscles and best size builder.

Like diamond pushup, this exercise is triceps smith and gives you a huge benefit when you perform it.

Triceps Claps include triceps muscles, biceps strength upper pecs, and core strength. Now time to learn how to pushups

How to Do Triceps Claps?

  • Setup a normal pushups position.
  • Now make a triangle by hands like diamond pushups.
  • Slowly go down after going own jump with your strength as much you can.
  • During jumping clap and repeat this several times.
  • Do at least 4 sets of 20 reps for effective progress.

Question- What is the best way to Triceps Claps pushups?

Ans-Just get yourself in triangle pushups from jump but clap under your chest and then behind your back and again under your chest. Do that process before reaching the ground.

15Superman(Wide arm)

  • This exercise is best for giving huge chest size to your chest
  • Increase your chest fiber by including this exercise in your workout list.
  • Spreading your arm while performing pushups gives you more advantages and provides you exclusive strength.
  • A variety of workout help in giving additional strength to your body.
  • Note wide pushups never targets your biceps.
  • This exercise also targets your several body parts.
  • You can include this exercise in the category of calisthenics list.
    • Abs
    • Chest
    • Lats
    • Middle Back
    • Shoulders
    • Obliques
    • Backs
  • Beginners should develop strength first before doing this workout.

How to do Superman(Wide arm)?

  • Place your hands on the floor and maintain a proper gap between the.
  • Your shoulders shoulder with apart from each other.
  • SLowly go lower while gong the jump and give all of the strength(power) to your hands.
  • You can do the superman pushup workout easily.
  • Perform this exercise continuously for more results and for improvement.

Mistakes in Superman(Wide arm)

Mistake: There is a small/big mistake depends on your, Beginner starts doing this exercise without elaborating strength which causes them severe injuries. Never perform this exercise without cultivating strength this can cause lifetime impairment.

Question-Are superman pushups hard?

Ans-Superman pushups are extremely intense. This wants everything you got in your whole body.Superman(Wide arm) uses the strength of the chest, abs, and core muscles for lifting yourself above the ground.

16-Single-arm pushups

  • We have to be in the proper form of standard pushups.
  • This exercise is a master of building strength in your arms.
  • You can build strength in the forearm or in your biceps.
  • Ultimate exercise for cultivating exclusive strength in your body.

How to Do Single-arm pushups?

  • Lie down on the surface like regular pushups.
  • Maintain proper difference between your hands for proper movement.
  • Now slowly go lower and take breathe.
  • Now you have to raise your one arm while coming up and your breather you should.
  • Repeat the whole process many times.
  • Do at least 3 sets of 15-20 reps.
  • In this exercise, you can exclude a single leg raise exercise, which helps in building muscle.
  • Now you know the proper ways how to do push ups.

Mistakes in Single-Arm Pushups

#Mistake– One simple mistake usually people is they don’t raise their hand when they came up because of ear but practice this exercise and you will have great results that you never think.

Question-What muscles do one-arm pushups work?

Ans-These are the muscles on which one arm pushups works. They work on our chest, triceps, abs, and trapezius, teres major/minor, and rhomboids.

Question-Will one arm pushup build our muscle?

Ans-Yes Single-arm pushups are enough for building muscles in your body, This exercise also excrete every part of your strength and gives you unique fitness. So you can rely on this exercise for muscle development.

17-Knuckle Push-Up

  • Knuckle pushups best for increasing muscular stability and shoulder strength.
  • It is because of the surface occupied by our knuckles.
  • Knuckle add great pressure to our muscles so that they can expand and grow.

How To Do Knuckle Pushups?

  • This exercise is simple and effective for our muscles.
  • Lie on a surface be in the form of normal pushups.
  • Now fold your finger like punch place them on the surface.
  • Slowly goes down for better effect.
  • Take breathe when you go lower and out when you came up.

Mistakes in Knuckle Pushups

#Mistake: Only one mistake never lose your punch soft if you do you will have high injury and bone can broker. Focus on proper form and execute the fitness program from us. Everything you need to know how to do push ups is here.

Question- Are knuckle pushups safe?

Ans-You can say but never do it without generating strength because it can break you and fists. You must cultivate strength for tremendous results. Also, focus on proper form for more effective results.

18-Slider Pushup

Slider pushup is like normal pushups only you can target your muscles easily and faster.

This workout Slider Pushup target’s yours several muscles.

  • Chest
  • Shoulder
  • Triceps
  • Core
  • Legs

How to Do Slider Pushup Easily?

  • Performing slider pushup is so easy if you are able to prepare your mind.
  • When you go down just slide your body towards the surface.
  • It will increase your strength and help in the development of abs.
  • Apply and see the results.

Short Modification’s For Beginner’s

how to do push ups
Natural way of building muscles

Simple and effective modifications for beginners so that they can improve their posture and tendency to do more.

Knees– If you are a beginner not able to do pushups then you do it by putting your knees on the floor instead of your feet .this will give you a support through which you can learn proper form and posture. This is effective to develop more variation.

Incline-Try to do more incline pushups this will give you more strength for doing more pushups. You can elevate your feet on a chair, table, or bench.

People Also Ask

Question- Will 10 pushup’s a day do something in our body?

Ans- Yes 10 pushups a day helps in building our muscles stamina also helps in drilling the hidden power of the body. It will help you cultivate muscles fro doing more pushups. Even then you will have a good look.

Question-Which time is good for pushups?

Ans- Morning time is best doing a workout like pushups because they charge out your whole body with exclusive strength. You should do a mix workout like pushups with jumping jacks.

Question-Can pushup’s reduce belly fat?

Ans- Yes pushups help in reducing belly fat because a variety of pushups works on different muscles some of them work on your core this will target both your core and your abs. Through this way, pushups help you to lose belly faster.

Question-Is it okay to do pushups before going to bed?

Ans-Normal pushups are not good for our health because they repeatedly increase our heat rate which is bad for us. Instead of this, you can do triceps push-ups for more size and they are okay to do before going to bed.

Question- How many pushups a 14 years body should do?

Ans- A normal boy whose age is 14 years can do approximately 24-30 pushups per day, and if you are a girl who is 14 years old then you can do 10 pushups only.

Question- What are the top disadvantages of pushups?

Ans-These are the top most disadvantages pushups can cause if you don’t take them seriously, Muscular imbalance, Injury.

Summary Of the How to Do Push ups

Pushups are the primary wall of workout. Focus on strengthening your base, Now you know how to do push-ups. Here we discuss the top 18 types of pushups, their mistakes, and their correct form. We also discuss the frequent question related to it. These questions usually people ask to their answer and they never get a proper answer now you know what to do and how to do push ups.

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