How to Look Handsome, Smart & Stylish When You’re Not

  • Being a handsome and hunky man is a wish of all people.
  • There are some criteria so that you can call a person handsome or attractive.
  • Some of the men are handsome and some are not, don’t worry we will teach you how to look smart and attractive.
  • Just follow these tips to look smart and handsome
  • I bet if you follow these tips you will learn how to appear more attractive as a man.

What Make Your Face Handsome & Attractive

  • A well-defined Jawline makes a man’s face more attractive.
  • There are many signs of masculinity in such as-

1.Defined Jaw :A well Defined Jaw makes you to appear handsome

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2.Cheek Bones: Defined face makes you to look handsome naturally.

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3.Small Eyes: Simple eyes make you look smart & stylish.

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4.Large Nose: The nose is an important part of the face and plays a very effective role in making your appearance attractive.

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5.Bigger Eyelids : Having bigger eyelids sometimes is the dream of many persons and eyelids also forge a handsome look.

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These are the signs of fresh good looking and handsome man

What Women Find Attractive in a Men Face?

Full LipsSmall Nose
High Forehead Cheek Bones
Broad FaceClear Skin Tone
Small ChinSmooth Skin
Narrow JawWide-Eyes
How to look handsome when you’re not
  • If you complete all of these criteria you are the Luckiest person in the world.

How to Appear More Handsome &Beautiful everyday

1.Always Be Confident
Looks matter but confidence determines what type of person you are. Good confidence boost your personality, Develop a massive confidence, and make yourself more handsome
2.Develop a Good Sense Of Humor
A good sense of humor not only makes laugh at other persons, It also increases your value in front of other persons. Try to develop a good sense of humor and make yourself look more attractive.
3.Proper Clothing
It is the basic key that leads to making your looks more powerful. Always dress like a classic man and make your look more stylish and attractive . Aim for Improving your dress sense. Whether you are a Man, Girl, Teenager, Adult. You can also make yourself more physically attractive by doing exercises. Do you know children’s used to make their look smart and handsome in school?
4.Proper Shoes
Shoes are the reflection of your personality, They define the look of your appearance, You know the first thing not only girl, but People also see is your shoes. Wear gentle and proper shoes according to too your dress, Shoes help in making your look handsome
The watch makes you look more creative and helps in developing your personality. A proper dress sense, with proper shoes, and with a watch forge you to look very handsome. Always wear a watch.
6.Always Make Eye Contact
Do you know making eye contact increases the chance of impressing everyone. While talking to anyone make eye contact helps you in developing confidence. More confidence helps you to get look beautiful and attractive naturally – The sign of confidence.
7.Learn How To Be Familiar
Try to build relations, Talk with everyone it will help in boosting confidence, and while talking make eye contact. Do these things you will see results. Making a new relation show how attractive you are and boost your personality.
8.Attractive Body Posture
While talking to any person body posture always require. Sometimes people also guess your personality with your body posture, like how you walk, how to stand. An Attractive body posture makes you look like a handsome teenager. If you have problems related to body posture and then you can fix them too by doing exercises.-Maintain your body posture.
9.Grow Beard
According to studies it has been founded that the most important part women find in a man attractive is a beard. Try to grow some beard and become a handsome guy naturally. Important Part Women find in a men
10.Stay Fit(Make Fitness Friend)
A healthy body helps you in grabbing a lot of attention, and increase the chance of impressing, boost your personality, and make your look more stunning and attractive- Make Muscles (Key to Success)
11.Be Mysterious
The most important part is to let them think about you be a mysterious person it will encourage your personality and it will also increase your respect in front of everyone. This Tip I use looks handsome – Let them think about you.
How to look handsome without hair

How Can I know That I am Attractive or Not

  • Again we have any reason so that you can be called handsome or they work as a sing of handsome look.
  • You don’t get compliments of handsome No complements are the sign of attractiveness
  • Person Behavior Towards You– A single person’s behavior towards defined you are an attractive man or not.
  • Message/Contact- They always try to remain in touch with you.
  • Positivity- Attractiveness makes positive behavior which forges look handsome

How to Look Very Handsome and Attractive

how to appear more attractive as a man
  • Adopt a regular face care routine, try to maintain your face looking always wash try natural remedies to look more Attractive.
  • Exercise regularly-Exercise cause sweating which results in clear skin.
  • Focus on teeth– Always clean your teeth your smile also key to look.
  • Remove dark spots– Remove those black dark spots from the face, .College students use to look handsome in college.
  • Confidence- Always make eye-eye contact when talking.
  • Haircut- Proper haircut makes your look more attractive, Students use it look more handsome in school.
  • Beard– Grow some beard , it attracts most of the people ,Make handsome face for man.

Perfect Clothing Combinations for 2020

  • Good Jeans Wear Stylish Jeans
  • T-shirt- Always Wear Fitted T-Shirt
  • Athletic Wear– Sports
  • Suit and Tie- Best Combination

Matching Colour Combination For Boys to Look Stylish and Handsome

Red and Blue
Orange and Blue
Orange & Black
Pink and Grey
Purple and White
White &Black
White and Blue
Purple and Coral
Green and Yellow
Bule and Pink
how to look handsome for boys

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