How To Reduce Menstruation Pain

Today you will get to know the surprising menstruation pain home remedy which helps you in getting relief from pain.

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What Is Menstruation pain

Pain is the associated natural phenomenon which comes with cycle.

Your first pain in first 3 days is known as Primary Dysmenorrhea.

View’s About Menstruation Pain

Lot’s of women report having unimaginable pain during their mensuration cycle. This pain results in discomfort that last’s for 1-5 days, But there are many menstruation pain home remedy which helps in getting relief from the mensuration pain.

Why Pain Occurs In Menstruation Cycle

During the Menstruation cycle, The UTERUS contracts to squeeze the line away from the wall and allow the pass of Blood from it, Which causes cramps, And these Uterine Contractions result in Painful Cramps.

During this phase, your body recognizes pain-causing chemicals in order to encourage the contraction of, over a time.

  • The chemicals released during this event can cause you many problems.
    • Diarrhea
      • Headaches
        • Nausea
  • Most of the women feel pain in the lower abdomen, But in some time the pain can be radiate to many parts of Females Body.
    • Lower Back
    • Groin
    • Upper Thighs
  • As we Know menstrual pain tends to be the worst pain in the beginning, Which results in irritation.

Please I am requesting to all the men’s, Please respect every girl, You can’t imagine through which pain they suffer from.

Medical problems- Such as Endometriosis, Pelvic inflammatory disease, and Uterine fibroids cause you Secondary Dysmenorrhea.

Women Start Experience The Pain

  • This is the age at which women start experiencing menstrual pain.
  • Don’t worry I will recommend many menstruation pain home remedies for killing your pain faster and easier.
    • Those Younger than 20 or 20+.
    • Girls who came to puberty.
    • Women suffering from Mennorhagia experience the worst pain.
    • Women who never give birth to any child.

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Condition’s That Cause Worst Pain

menstruation pain home remedy

These are those conditions or medical problems that cause you worst and painful Menstrual, but beware of this we will provide you menstruation pain home remedy which kills your pain for a short period of time.

Uterine FibroidsNoncancerous tumors and growth in the wall of the uterus.
AdenomyosisThe uterus line tissue which grows into the muscular wall of Uterus
Cervical StenosisThe opening of the cervix becomes small causes extreme pain and limits cycle.
PID(Pelvic Inflammatory Disease)Sexual Transmitted disease, Comes during intercourse.
EndometriosisTissue lines developed outside the uterus(Important).
Worst Pain Conditions

Symptoms of Menstrual pain

  • Here we have two types of symptoms .
    • Physical Symptoms
    • Chemical Symptoms
  • Let’s have an look at these symptoms,After then we will look at home remedies for menstruation pain.

Key pointDo you know we have menstruation pain home remedy and we also have medical remedies, but natural is natural that why we are suggesting you menstruation pain home remedy So that you can learn how to reduce menstruation pain?

Physical Symptoms

  • Let have a look at these symptoms and then we will look at home remedies for the menstruation pain.
Tender BreastHeadachesNausea Weight GainPain JointsBack Pain
Abdominal PainBloatingSwelling of handsCramps in musclePainful TimeIrritation
These are Physical Menstrual Symptoms

These are those symptoms which occur during menstruation pain, Now look boys you say girls are weak, but you can’t suffer from them so respect girls.

Mood(Chemical Body Symptoms)

  • As we look at the physical symptoms now let’s have a look at chemical changes.
Sometime Self
Get AngryMood SwingsCry,Poor
Poor concentrationForgetfulnessSexual InterestSexual Desire
Feel(Food Carving)AppetiteLess energyMore Tired
Chemical Symptoms

Menstruation Pain Home Remedy

Now the time finally come we discussing menstruation pain home remedy.

Last time I want to ask you is this information valuable for you.

Medicines-If you are feeling too much then you can medicines such, Paracetamol, Suggested painkiller by experts such as, Ibuprofen, Codeine, you can use for a short period of time, They give you instant relief from pain.
Applying HeatApply some heat to your abdomen part during Mensutration can help muscles in relaxing and give you some break.
You can take the heat by a
hot water bath or with a hot water bottle.
Massage & Oils- Applying Lavender oil around your stomach help you in relieving period cramps, As you can also use Sesame oil for massage, It helps in relieving from pain because of Linoleic acid &Anti Inflmaatory Property.
ExerciseNow, you are thinking In this pain standing is too difficult then how can we think about exercise, But exercise increase the blood in the pelvic area and release endorphins which work as pain Killer, You natural pain killers
Vaginal Orgasms Do you know vaginal orgasms help in relieving pain faster,It is because orgasms had a direct effect on menstrual cramps, Vaginal orgasms includes all your body parts, Including, Spinal cord which signal neurotransmitter like endorphins and oxytocin and these transmitter works as a pain killer.
Ginger And Black Peeper Tea-Drinking herbal tea is best for killing your cramp pain easier and faster way. Ginger easily reduces pain by reducing the level of prostaglandins.
You can also use (Cumin) for making tea very beneficial for killing your pain.
menstruation pain home remedy

Most Important Precautions During Menstruation Cycle

  • Here are Few Important points you must take during your menstruation cycle most important menstruation pain home remedies.

So I am able to make your interest in menstruation pain home remedy topic.

  • These are Important one please Follow them in your life to avoid pain easier and faster follow these menstruation pain home remedy.
    • Stay Hydrated
      • Eat fruits and vegetables
        • Calcium Foods
          • Small meals
            • Be Cool
              • Cut sugar& Salt
                • No alcohol or Caffeine

You Must Take Of Care Of Them

1-Stay-Hydrated-Make sure you must Drink plenty of water so that your body doesn’t retain water. Eat water containing food like Cucumber, Tomatoes.

Drink water stay hydrated

2-Fruits & VegetablesMake sure your diet must contain green vegetables and fruits so that your body can easily recover and give you enough fiber and Nutrients.

3-Calcium- Drink milk during your cycle, It is because during cycle blood comes out of your body through this calcium also comes and this is the main reason for back pain so eat and drink calcium source.

Calcium containing food

4-Small MealsEat small meals during your cycle, It is because it helps in maintaining your sugar level and emotions in check.

5- Stay CalmTake a chill pill just think nothing happening to your body or think it as an exam to move forward and get success.

6-Cut Down Sugar & Salt Please take less sugar and salt during this process, because it can cause you many digestive problems and bloats caused by hormonal changes.

7-Cut Caffiene& AlcoholPlease does not drink alcohol and coffee it causes PMS symptoms like Cramping, breast tenderness or headaches, Please make sure to cut down during this paster and follow these menstruation pain home remedy.

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