5-Powerful Secrets How To Overcome Stress To Create A Successful Life

Stress is the biggest problem from which today’s generation is suffering, They suffer from stresses like, Business stress, Family stress, and much more stress. But the question How to Overcome Stress To Create A Successful Life.

You can imagine how excited this topic is, Don’t lose hope I will make this topic interested for you.

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What is Stress?

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Stress is a feeling of physical and mental pain. Stress can come to your body through any event like angry, nervousness, and frustration.

It is also a challenge for you in a shorter way stress can be positive, Because it will challenge you so that you can learn how to overcome stress to create a successful life.

Stress Occurring Events

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There are many events from which stress comes into your life, but you have to make you will power strong so that you can learn how to overcome stress to create a successful life.

  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of Job
  • Financial Problem
  • Divorce
  • Betrayed
  • Family Problem
  • Business Problem

There are many activities like that through the stress that comes into your life and make you weak. But my brother/Sister you have to stand again to defeat the stress and you have to learn how to overcome stress to create a successful life.

Types of Stress in Our Life

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There are mainly 5 stress occurs in our life, which makes us weak but now we have to learn from the stress, we have to show the life what we are, who we are and what can we do.

  • Acute Stress
  • Episodic Acute Stress
  • Chronic Stress
  • Physical Stress
  • Psychological Stress

Now stand again like a strong wall and show it who you, Learn how to overcome stress to create a successful life.

Acute Stress-It is the activity that comes into your life due to a partial stressful event.
The word Acute means- Particular(which remains for a short period of time).
Episodic Stress-Episodic stress is stress when we feel acute stress too much frequently.
People that are suffering from this type of stress tend to take more responsibilities.
Chronic Stress-Chronic stress is stress on which a person has little or no control, It is the response to the emotional pressure.
Physical StressI think this is bad stress because in this stress you will feel loneliness and worthless.
This stress occurs in our body due to bad posture of sitting and this stress is very harmful like any injury.
Physiological Stress-Physiological stress is stress in which your heart increases at a rapid rate. Adrenaline changes in our body like a decrease in (Digestion) and in pulse or blood pressure.
How to Overcome Stress

How to Overcome Stress & Symptoms of Acute Stress

It’s time to know how to understand that our body is suffering from acute stress, Here are some symptoms through which you can understand that you are suffering or not.

Identifying is not a big deal, The thing is after identifying how do you deal with your life, How to overcome stress to create a successful life.

Chest Pain


Stomach Pain

Excess Sweating


How to Overcome Stress &Symptoms of Episodic Acute Stress

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Let’s’ have a look at some symptoms of episodic acute stress.

Panic Attack

Muscular Pain

Uncontrolled Anger



Ques- What is the difference between acute and Episodic acute stress?
Ans-There is a small difference in acute and episodic stress, Those who are suffering from acute stress feel the triggers of acute stress. They are always in a rush and found themself pressured.
How to overcome stress
Ques- How is acute episodic stress treated?
Ans-You have to visit a doctor, You have to change your lifestyle. One thing I want to add is to do some exercise or yoga daily So that your mind can be refreshed again after that you can how overcome stress to create a successful life.

Symptoms of Chronic Stress

Chronic Stress - healthyxpo

These are some symptoms of chronic stress, Read them carefully so that you can learn and identify chronic stress.

Effect on BodyChange on MoodEffect on Behaviour
Stomach UpsetSadnessUnwanted pain
Sleeping ProblemLack of FocusIrritation
Muscle painLack of MotivationLess Often
How to overcome Stress

Symptoms of Physical Stress

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Let’s have a look at symptoms of physical stress. Learn more so that you can overcome your stress.






Partial Cold and Flu

Rapid Heart Rate


Symptoms of Physiological Stress

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These are some Symptoms of Physiological Stress. Let’s have a look at these symptoms.

  • Emotional Strain
  • Confusion
  • Anxiety
  • Mind Problems
Ques-How does stress affect our physical body in every area?
Ans-Stress affects our body in every criterion like your blood pressure rises, increased heart rate, muscle tighten, mind stress less focus, less motivation, and less focus in a workout.
Ques-How chronic stress affects our body?
Ans-This stress increase heart rate hormonal level also increases and your blood pressure also increases. This chronic stress experienced over a particular period of time.

How To Overcome Stress

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There Are many ways through you an overcome your stress and you can create a successful life.

Avoid Caffeine

Physical Activity

More Sleep


Stress Diary


Avoid Caffeine-You have to avoid because it can make you addictive and can be the major reason for stress, Therefore you must avoid stress to keep yourself active.
Physical Activity– You have to add some physical activity like yoga, gym, and more activity, Through this you can learn how to overcome stress to create a successful life.
More Sleep Sleep is a major thing in our life, Proper sleep gives you refresh the mind. A fresh mind keeps the stress away from you. Stand like a wall and defeat all the problems and defeat stress.
Relations– Make yourself more active add various activities in your life so that you can divert your mind and when you do it your stress automatically gone.
Stress Diary- Write notes daily when you feel stress when you do you will divert your mind and after doing you will have a pleasant felling
Control– Try to control your anger your emotions don’t let your mind play your body. Control your life make it positive to learn how to succeed stress to create a successful life


Ques-How to overcome mental stress ?

Ans- There are many ways through you can reduce your mental stress, Few are listed here
1- Try to divert your Mind
2- Do some Exercise
3- Making social relation
4- Walk-in Parks
5- Listen to songs

Ques-How to handle stress in our life.

Ans- There are so many ways through which you can handle your stress, Just you have to believe you are strong enough when you will believe so can easily handle this is the best way to handle.

Ques-What should you do to stress?

Ans-You have a stand against stress like a wall you have to fight, fight like a man Do it for your family. Learn how to defeat stress to create a successful life.

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