Soil Health Card

A soil health card is a scheme that is introduced by the ministry of agriculture on December 5 for our respected farmer. So that their workload can be reduced.

The main motive of the government is that every farmer must take advantage of the soil health card (SHC) scheme in a huge amount.

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What Is Soil Health Card?

A soil strength card(SHC) is a scheme for our farmers so that they can improve the quality of their soil and update the information on soil analysis.
Soil fitness Card
  • A soil health card is a scheme(Report) of our soil which usually contains the status of nutrients present in our soil. Forex-
Amount Of Nutrients in our Soil
Organic Carbon
Electrical Conductivity
Soil health Card contains Information like this.
  • A soil health card is provided to every farmer in-country at an interval of 3 years.
  • It also contains specific details that tell you the parameter which is affecting the growth of your soil.

The objective of The Soil Health Card

There are many objectives of the soil card(SHC), but these 4 are important ones.

Quality of SoilThe main objective is to improve the quality of soil so that farmers can have much profit.
Rural YouthWork production for rural youth. So that rural youth can have work and they can earn money for their family and basic needs.
Soil AnalysisAnother main objective is that the government can analyze the soil, Through analysis, they know how to work on the soil and they know the pros and cons of soil. The best advantage of the soil health cards.
Door-Step- Due to some corrupted officer farmers are not able to analyzer about their soil, Therefore soil health card helps them to provide the information of soil on their home. A simple and easy way to provide testing reports(facilities) at the farmers’ doorstep.
Soil Card Main Objectives

When is Soil Health Card Introduced

Respected Prime Minister Narendra Damodar Modi launched this scheme on the 5th December 2015 ministry of agriculture introduced this scheme health card.
When Health Card(SHC) Introduced

How a Farmer Can Use Soil Health Card

Soil health Card-Healthyxpo

How to use the card, Easy way to use the card.

The card contains all the information about your soil based on soil nutrients, Through this, you can analyze that which one nutrient is present in less amount so that you can give a perfect amount of dosage and also suggest to them about the use of fertilizers.

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Key Features of SHC(Soil Health Card)

Soil health Card-Healthyxpo
Key Feature of SHC(Soil Card)
  • The government planned to gives all the agricultural benefits to our farmers.
  • Soil card(SHC) covers all parts of our country.
  • A farmer field gets the Soil health card (SHC) once in every 3 years.
  • This card will have all the information about the farmer filed.
    • Like deficiency of nutrients
      • What you need for our field
        • How much nutrients your soil contains

What are Norms of Sampling?

When the instructor takes the sample in a grid of 2.5(Ha) in a particular area in a rain-fed area with his own GPS tools.
Soil Card(SHC)

Who Takes the Sample of Soil?

The government sends his agricultural employes at your home then they will take the sample of your soil in your presence.
Sample of Soil

What is Best(Ideal) Time For Taking Soil Sample?

Very Important question what is the best time for taking samples of your soil.
Soil Sample is taken only two times in a year when there is no crop in the field or after harvesting or Rabi and Kharif Crop.
Best Time for Taking Soil Sample

Who will Check the Samples And Where They are Tested?

Sample testing is owned by the government and it will be tested by the agricultural department.
They are tested by the agricultural staff.
(STL) is owned by outsourcing agencies and by their employees.
The samples are testing in the universities by students under the vision of a professor or by a scientist.
Health Card

What is The Payment Taken By Government for Every Sample?

Now you the perfect time for taking the sample and what information the government gives in the soil health ad now you must know how much this cost you.

The government takes 190 rs from you and it provides the nutrients of soil its generation and by distribution.

Soil Health Card Scheme

Soil Scheme Card-Healthyxpo

The scheme aims to promote soil tests and used balanced use of fertilizer to grow high yields at a lower cost and the main thing is that it can get a high amount of nutrition and depend on the quality.

Soil Health Card Drawbacks For Farmers

It is the most common rule if something fives your benefits then it is the most common truth it will also have some drawbacks.

  • Many farmers are unable to understand the SHC. Therefore they are not unable to follow the theory.
  • It can produce a lack of focus in the agricultural field.
  • Soil card is often concentrated on chemical nutrients indicators among physical activity.
  • Microbial activity and moisture activity are missing in Shc which is very essential.

Summary of The Post

Now you all the SHC benefits, what are the work of SHC, How it works, what SHC tells and the demerits of SHC, Through SHC you can identify the number of nutrients present in your field and you know that you have to give your field. When you know that you have to give then it will be easy for you to grow crops easily and faster.
Soil Card & Summary of the post



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Ques- What is the main purpose of SHC?

Ans-The main purpose of SHC is to provide all the exclusive benefits to our farmers so that they can cultivate high yield without spending more money.

Ques- What is main demerit of Soil health card?

Ans-The main demerit of this card is that farmers are unable to understand it and due to this they are not able to take all the benefits of it.

Ques- How farmers can cultivate more yields by Soil health card?

Ans– Soil card gives them a report of the nutrients present in their soil, through this farmers can have knowledge of what they have to give to their field and how much fertilizers are best for their field.

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