How to Keep Yourself Safe From CoronaVirus&Is Coronavirus Curable?

Life stops from this damn virus, people lose their jobs suffering from a lot of problems. But now the question arises that is coronavirus Curable & How to Prevent yourself from coronavirus. Best Treatment of Coronavirus by home remedies.

Today I will give you home remedy to prevent yourself from coronavirus.

Why You Need this Post
You need this post because coronavirus is spreading repeatedly day by day. People are not serious about this disease how much this disease can you cost him. So please I am requesting you maintain your health and if you need any health-related tip then contact me on Instagram and you can also drop your comment.
Treatment of coronavirus

Public Awareness Novel Coronavirus

In front of you, I am going to discuss about a (Pandemic) disease Coronavirus infection.

  • You all know about this disease which is known as Covid-19.
  • I think you are aware of Heza, Once in our world, Heza is also a pandemic disease, But now Covid-19 Takes place of Heza.
  • Through social media, we get a lot of information about coronaVirus.
  • But some of the information is correct and some are not.
  • The life and business of many people got affected due to the virus.
  • People are suffering or living their life under fear.
  • They are thinking that if they got infected by this disease, Then their death is confirmed.No one cannot save them from this disease.

This is a very wrong thing, but now in this situation, it is my duty to provide you the correct information about this virus, because providing you the best content(Information) in the world is my first priority.

Coronavirus Hotspot & Treatment of Coronavirus

People usually say that the first case in the world comes from Wuhan, which is located in China. When the outbreak takes place some of the people were in china.

  • People were in china because of their education, Business and for traveling.
  • Same time when they came from Wuhan city, They visit different places in different cities.
  • Through this activity coronavirus spread in the world.
  • Now the First question arises how this disease COVID 19 spreads.

How Coronavirus Transmission Takes Place

How Coronavirus Transmission takes place in our world. These are the main reason through which coronavirus spread.

1-Through Close Contact

This is the main reason through which transmission takes place.

  • Let’s take an example- Consider you are in the gym and doing physical activity.
  • You are not aware that the corona carrier(positive) is also in the gym.
  • Just think you and the other person want to do the same activity.
  • He touches the dumbbells and after then you touch the same dumbbells for the same activity.
  • In this whole process, you got affected by Touching and by close contact.
  • You must know our specialists are trying best for the treatment of coronavirus.

2-Respiratory Disease

Another reason through which the transmission occurs, That’s why the government is forcing you to wear a mask.

  • Let’s understand this by an example- Consider you are in the park which is full of people.
  • You don’t know which one is affected and you are running in the running area.
  • You see a lot of people running in the park.
  • When you start running think you are running and then a person came which is also running and both of you complete around.
  • After then when you got home you have a cough and suffering from problems.
  • So if you want to do the exercise you can do it at home here is a link to home exercises you can do for losing your weight.
Ques-Do Coronavirus Spread From eating Non-vegetarian food?
Ans- Proceum says that this virus doesn’t spread from eating non-vegetarian food.Proceum say eating non-veg food doesn’t cause corona infection

How Virus Transmitted From Human To Human?

Treatment of coronavirus_healthyxpo
How coronavirus Transmitted from one person to another

There are two ways to sneeze one is when we sneeze to put our hand on the mouth or the other is a direct sneeze.

In both case we can spread corona easily.

Direct Sneeze– When we sneeze some droplets come out of our mouth or nose those droplets stayed in the air for 6-7 hours easily, and when someone goes from there he absorbs the droplets or inhales them. He gets affected by the virus
Hand On Mouth- We all know we handshake our hands when we meet, consider you are positive and you don’t know you sneeze and then just shake your hands with another person.

How Coronavirus Born

According to some scientists in Wuhan city, the formation of the virus occurs in the market.

Live animals and many animals found there.

  • According to research the virus born when animal virus and human virus combine.
  • It means animal virus and human virus combined and then mutation leads to the formation of coronavirus.
  • That’s why we used to say that Novel Coronavirus.
  • Now at that time, this virus is completely human virus.
  • This virus is transferred from human to human.
  • If anyone says that this virus is transmitted from eating chicken.Proceum claims the virus doesn’t spread from eating chicken.

Coronavirus Severe Symptoms & Treatment of Coronavirus

Coronavirus symptomps_healthyxpo

Severe symptoms showed after some time, There are many problems or symptoms you will see during this disease.

Severe pain Throat
Problems occur during respiration
Shortness of breath

Coronavirus Early Symptoms & Treatment of Coronavirus By Home Remedies

These are the symptoms when you are suffering or you can find out someone is suffering from the pandemic disease.

Cough– This is simple symptoms you can see in the infected person.Some problems in the throat.
Vomiting– Your body suffers from vomiting feeling, You feel vomit.
Dry Cough- In this virus, you will suffer from dry cough also.
Fever– You will suffer from fever also.
Slowly these symptoms increase day by day

Our scientists are trying to find out the treatment for coronavirus. They are giving their full effort for finding the treatment of coronavirus.

This disease is not seen in our children but that doesn’t mean our children are completely secured from this disease. As you know Scientists are making effort for finding the treatment of coronavirus.

According to research Mainly the disease is showing his extreme effect on elder people, healthy and younger people dominating the virus. That why fitness and diet are very important. Here is a diet for making your immune system stronger and exercise you can do in your home.

Is Corona virus Deadly?

Yes, Coronavirus is deadly because it can kill if you don’t take of yourself. you must follow these precautions for saving yourself from the virus.

  • Elder people have much more severe symptoms, like-

High Blood Pressure

Cardiovascular Disease


Chronic Respiratory Disease


Corona Virus Can Cause More Severe Problems

Pandemic Disease can cause many severe problems like-


Arrhythmia(Irregular Heartbeat)

Multiple Organ Failure



Heart Failure

Respiratory Syndrome

Damage to Organs

Home Remedies to Keep from CoronaVirus

Home remedies for virus-healthyxpo

Top tips and home remedies to keep yourself safe from coronavirus. Still, specialists are searching for the treatment of coronavirus.

  • Don’t Touch your eyes and mouth.
  • Clean your hands.
  • Use soap and sanitizer.
  • Eat healthy food and nutritious food
  • Drink enough milk and do proper exercise.
  • Water is great for keeping yourself from the disease .
  • Wash your hands properly.
  • Drink green tea for making your immune system stronger.
  • Eat paneer, vegetable, and nutritious food.

Precautions for Coronavirus When you go Out

Treatment of virus_healthyxpo

These are some Precautions for Coronavirus when you work or for the gym. Appreciate our scientist effort they are working hard for the treatment of coronavirus.

  • Cover Your face with a mask.
  • Don’t shake hands with other people.
  • Maintain a distance to keep yourself safe.
  • Always wear full sleeves shirt
  • Keep a hand sanitizer with you.
  • Don’t touch your face many times.

I am appreciating our scientists and police and cleaners they are working for our health, Our doctors and scientist are working hard for finding the treatment of the coronavirus.


Bones of the Human Body & Strong bones Benefits

Ques-What do You think about coronavirus?

Ans- Coronavirus is a very deadly virus, we must save yourself from this virus by taking some precautions. Because our life is very important for us and for our family.

Ques- What is the main thing that protect us from coronavirus?

Ans- According to some of the scientists mask is very beneficial for saving from the virus and alcohol hand rub is very important for killing the germ. Therefore always put a mask before to work.

Ques-List the food which makes your immunity stronger and help you in fighting with Coronavirus?

Ans – This is the list of the food that helps you to with the coronavirus.
1-Some Type of Coronavirus
2-Dark Chocolate(People Choice)
3-Broccoli, Tomatoes

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#Stay Safe Stay Home Stay Healthy#

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