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How do I know How much weight will be right for me, This the most frequent question of many people? They are confused about perfect weight, They are unable to decide on it. Therefore here is the post for you, So that you can have knowledge of the fat needed for your body. I can bet after reading this you will be able to decide.

I know you also say I am trying for a long time but my fat not getting down,( So why should I believe in this post). You have to belive it because you are like our family.

After then I am telling you the easy way to lose fat faster, Just believe in us. I will make sure, That you could have the best experience of reading.

You can imagine how excited this topic is, Don’t lose hope I will make this topic interested for you.

There are many exercises you can do in your home.
Let’s have a 21-days challenge.
Stay Motivated Stay home stay healthy.

I respect all the women/girls, Thank you for reading I will make sure you will get valuable information from.

Why You Need This Post
As you know providing you the best content of the world is our priority, Therefore you must know why you need this, This post is about what is the perfect fat for you according to your height and age. Now read this post and find out about your body.

What Is The Meaning OF Weight

Usually, people think that both fat loss and weight loss are the same. Today we will also clean our thoughts about this topic.

  • Weight loss simply defined as the loss of weight the overall body.
  • It may also define as the loss of body weight through Voluntary and Involuntary Ways.
    • VOLUNTARYDiet & Exercise
    • INVOLUNTARY Disease
  • Weight loss arises due to loss in the body.
  • If we talk about severe Weight loss dieting can be included.
    • ProteinConsidered for promoting fat loss.

Fat Loss

  • Fat loss may be defined as the ditching the layer of fat which is covering your 6 packs.
  • Removing of Fat from the body or the process of fat loss known as Lipolysis.
  • The fat loss process takes place in Mitochondria cells, that why people said more muscles lead to more fat loss.
  • It has revealed that exercise increases the function of Mitochondria which promotes Fat loss.

Difference Between Fat Loss And Weight Loss

  • Yes, there is a difference between weight loss and fat loss.
  • Weight loss defined as the loss of weight from the overall body.
  • Whereas fat loss considered as the loss of fat from the body, what most people want.
  • Fat loss is Specific than weight loss, it is because we can lose both with diet and nutrition.
  • We need to be more conscious of our calorie intake.

Losing weight will be easy for you when you know the basics and when you know the difference between them.

After knowing the basics you can decide what weight should i be easily.

Why your weight doesn’t really matter

When you have talents you can easily control your mind easily than having fat doesn’t matter.

Let me ask you are you really getting in this topic what fat should is ideal If yes then drop your thoughts about this topic fat.

Top 4 Reason why weight Always Doesn’t Matter.

These are the top 4 reasons Why your fat doesn’t really matter. Talent doesn’t need anything. Talent only wants hard work more you do more you get.

Setup is the hardest part of any business, Once you start anything you already completed that thing 50% rest will be completed by your hard work.

  • These are top 4 reason Why your fat doesn’t really matter-
Muscles Weigh More
Weight is Not a Reflection of Fitness
Strength Matters
Weight Fluctuation

Brief About Why your Fat doesn’t matter

Let’s have a brief look at this Why your fat doesn’t really matter. If you want a post on Why your fat doesn’t really matter then just drop your comments on the comment box.

As I said your fitness is the first priority for us, Therefore I will provide you the best tips and tricks which really help you in getting rid of your problems.

One more thing after reading this you can have an idea of a fat percentage. What is best what fat should I be. Just read this post and learn from the best.

1-Weight Fluctuates

This is the main Why your fat doesn’t really matter, Read this carefully.

  • Every time you see your fat fluctuates forex- After doing pee you can see a small number of your body drops.
  • So no matter what you are your fat always fluctuates and in every season.
Let’s have another example of weight fluctuation, Measure your eight in the gym before starting your workout and measure it after finishing your workout. You will see a small difference.
what fat should i be
  • If you are a woman your fat drops every month during your lifetime due to menstruation.
  • If you don’t believe then track you record daily and see the difference, You will be amazed.

2-Muscles Matter More Than Fat

We already know about this your muscle weighs more than your fat, No one wants fat only the thing they want is muscles.

  • There are many exercises you can do for losing fat and gaining weight.
  • If you want to lose fat and want to gain muscles then click on the link given below.
  • Click on the link for more information about the best workout, This is the best workout for building muscles easily and faster.

Are you getting your interest in this topic, If yes then drop your comment.

Your fat doesn’t reflect your fitness there are many dancers which are so much fat but you can’t match them, That’s how you can’t say a fat person is not healthy. Remember anything can be possible if you have willing to do this.

3-Weight Is Not Reflection Of Fitness

This is also a myth that if you have more health then you can’t survive Want to know more about this then click on the link for more information.

  • Focus on building your strength.
  • Add Different variety of food on your diet.
  • Add protein ,Carbs, Fats, Vitamins in your diet.
  • Drink Water as much as you can for making your body hydrated.

4-Strength Matter

Your strength is a major thing for you, and for building strength you have to do exercises. Like deadlifts, Weightlift, Squats, Pushup, and many more exercises you can do for building strength.

  • The best exercise for building strength is the pull-up.
  • Pull-ups work on your biceps which gives you grip and forearm strength.
  • So that you can do deadlifts and push-ups.

How to Find Weight Percentage

A major arises, That how i can calcualte body fat percantage is there a simple way to calcute it.

  • Yes, there is a simple and easy way to calculate the fat percentage of your body.
  • There are two ways through which you can calculate one is to find by an app and the other is to find it by own hand.

Facts On Weight Loss

what weight should i be-healthyxpo
  • Top 7 facts on fat loss, In which form your body goes out of your body, How to control obesity easily, What is the main reason for fat accumulation.
  • There is also a myth about the fat loss we will also clear that.
1-Calories are Equal– This is a myth that people all food contains the same amount of calories, Instead they that all foods contain the same amount of nutrition. Look brother different food contains a different amount of food
2-Losing Weight is Linear– Fat loss is not a linear process, It depends on your diet on your workout and what ye of nutrition your ar taking, Losing obesity takes time so learn patience things go around but they take time.
3Supplements to Lose weight– Let’s just think you lose weight by taking supplements but after then when you don’t make them your fat automatically stats increasing, Therefore have patience never takes supplements.
4-Eat LessSome people think when they don’t eat their fat never increase but my brother your fat starts increasing, if you don; t eat food then you don’t have the energy to do a workout or your brain also don’t work you feel lazy all the day, Therefore my fiend eats food fo maintain your calories.
5-Weight Increase Automatically– Your fat increase only when you eat calorie then, maintenance calories, or when you don’t do a workout, Therefore eat by making a calorie chart and making an exercise chart for measuring your progress.
Facts about Fat loss

6-Carbs make you Fat

  • Without carb, you can’t do building because for doing the workout you need energy.
  • From carbs, you get enough energy.
  • This is the biggest myth that you will lose weight, eat enough food for doing a top workout.
  • Eat food to maintain your calories.

7-Breakfast is not necessary for losing weight(Myth)

  • Eating breakfast is a major thing for losing fat.
  • It is because proper break full of protein helps you cut your fat easier and faster.
  • Want to drop fat faster then try not to skip breakfast.
  • Break fat is like a root hen the roots are strong, Then your body automatically starts losing fat.

Ultimate Weight Chart For Boys And Babies

Pure weight chart for men-healthyxpo

New generation boys are still confused about what is the perfect weight according to their height and according to their age.

They usually ask doctors and trainers this question therefore here is your answer to what fat percentage is best for your child according to their height and age.

Ideal weight for babies-healthyxpo

What To Eat After Gym For Weight Loss

The major question of every people what to eat after the gym for fat loss, What is the best diet for losing fat.

  • First, you have to do your workout with full intensity.
  • without intensity, you cannot lose fat.
  • In a week you have to do cardio 2 times.
  • Train each of your parts 2 times a week for better results.
  • Now the die is here for losing fat after the gym.
    • Eat protein Carbs
    • Dairy products
    • Spice
    • Green Tea
    • Fish
    • Fluid(Watermelon, Water, Tomato)

Eat them to lose fat, After your workout does progressive overload in the gym trying to push your limits.

Weight Watchers App

  • There are many apps that help you to calculate your fat percentage as we discussed if you are unable to make a chart.
  • Then just download an app which helps in making a chart
    • I think the (MI) band is best for you if you love walking best for counting your steps.
    • Best and easy for counting your steps.
  • Fat loss is not a big process and not a hard process only you have to give your focus on your diet and on your exercises.
Summary of The Post
Now you get the answer to what is the ideal fat for you, There are many ways through which you can control your fat easily, Eat high protein food, Eat food which is full nutrients such carbs, fats, protein, vitamin, Minerals so that you can have full faster results. In this post, you will get an easy way to drop fat, why your fat doesn’t matter what is fat, and many more.



Easy Way To Lose Weight Faster

Ques- What is the easy way to drop your fat?

Ans– There are many ways to drop your fat, But the best way is eat protein to drop your fat levels easily.

Ques- What do you mean by fat loss?

Ans– Fat loss is nothing is just a process of ditching your fat layer and reducing it from the overall body.

Ques- What type of process obesity loss is ?

Ans– Fat loss is not a natural phenomenon but you can control it by exercise or by dieting, Fat loss is a linear process it takes time.

Now you can listen to my audio clips at Spotify listen audio at Spotify and learn properly.

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